Day 185 through 188

As you can assume the past week has been crazy. Everyone in our house has come down with a major stomach flu that has you out of commission a good 24 hours. On top of that there was this thing called Christmas. But through it all we have hung in there and all been at each others side. Aside from the sickness, Christmas was great. Everyone was healthy for the day and everyone had a great time. The kids live for Christmas, just seeing their faces on Christmas morning is all that matters. However once It was all over it was back to sickness, this time Dawn. She had it rough or at least it seemed like it. Good news is come today she is much better. Being sick sucks, but when it's only 24 hours it's not as bad.

As for my eating and diet, well I'm not going to go there. It's been very hard to stay focused over the past few weeks. January 1st it's back on! I also promises to get back into writing a post everyday.

So till next time...


Day 182, 183 & 184

As you have noticed I have not posted anything from the past two days (Wednesday & Thursday).  Like I mentioned in my last full post, its been a very busy week.  I simply have not had the free time to sit down and write something up.  The reason I am right now is because Brady and I are pretty much locked in my room with a case of the stomach flu.  Lets just say that last night was not fun.  Brady very rarely gets sick so to see him throwing up non stop was sad.  This darn thing started with Charlotte and Lily on Wednesday and now looks to have moved to us.  The good news is they only had it for a day!  So Dawn doesn't want us coming out of the room to prevent anyone else getting sick again.  Plus she was up all night deep cleaning the house.  I pray that she doesn't get it as its not fun!  Looks like I will get plenty of internet time in today!

Till next time......


Day 181

Busy, busy, busy day yet again for me.  I have a feeling that its going to be like this for the rest of this week and into next week.  If I cant keep up with it, might just shut it down for the next week and say my blog is on vacation until the holidays are over.  However I will try to keep up on it.

I had today off from work so I used the time to get some shopping down for Dawn.  Like my previous posts mentioned I have slacked off in shopping for her.  I got a little bit done and hopefully can finish everything up tomorrow or Thursday. 

Tonight we met up with Ashley, Brett and kids at the Zoo for some Zoo Lights.  Its a yearly tradition for us that the kids live for.  We were lucky that it wasn't that cold, however because it was pretty nice out I think everyone in the valley had the same idea.  It was packed, but still a lot of fun.

That's about it for today.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Cereal & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Pita Sandwich
  • Dinner:  Cheeseburger (1 - McDonald's)
  • Exercise:  Lots of walking via shopping and at the Zoo
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 180

It was a pretty boring day for me today, then again Mondays are always boring.  There is only one good thing about Mondays this time of year and that's Football.  I was looking forward to tonight's game all day because in both my fantasy leagues I was winning heading into the game.  Sure enough I held on to win both games so I will now be playing for the Championship in both leagues.  I'm like a kid in a candy store with excitement!  Wish me luck!

Other than football, the only other thing on my mind is that we are only 6 days away from Christmas.  I have not done any shopping for Dawn, but know what I need to get.  I have tomorrow off so I plan to get as much done as possible if not all of it.  As for the kids, well Dawn and I have done really good about getting everything done with time to spare and we are almost there.  There are still a few things left that we need to get that I should be able to get tomorrow.  We will then be done.

I tried to really watch what I ate today mainly because the past weekend was a bad one and plus I'm getting sick of eating out.  I know its that time of year and I'm sure there will be more nights when we eat out, however I wanted to prevent it today and we did.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Cereal & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Hot Pocket (love them)
  • Dinner:  Cheeseburger (1) and Hot dog (1) - I grilled out!
  • Dessert:  Few Holiday Snacks =)
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+ 

Day 178 & 179

This past weekend was a busy one for me and the family that I didn't have time to post anything for Saturday and Sunday.  Here is a summary of the weekend.

Saturday we had our Christmas with Dawn's grandma and Dad's side of the family.  We used to do this on Christmas Eve, however with all the families growing over the years it was moved to a week out.  It has been so much easier doing it this way.  Plus it also gives us something fun to do the week before Christmas.  Just with any family holiday party I'm tasked with making my devil eggs.  Its a good few hour project based on how many I have to make, however I don't mind because they are always a big hit!  At the party we do a white elephant gift exchange where everyone brings one thing and then picks from the pile.  You can also steal someones gift if you want that more than picking one.  Dawn and I made out great, she got one of those drink dispensers that you can fill up and keep on your counter.  They are perfect for parties, but I'm thinking it will be used all the time come summer when I make ice tea.  I got a giant clock, however traded that to Cori for a box of golf balls and some tees.  It was a perfect switch!  By the time we got home all the kids were sleeping.  We put them to bed and just relaxed. As for my eating on Saturday, well it was ok.  I didn't pig out, but also didn't starve myself.  The food setup at the party is like a buffet and there were tons of good things.  I will leave it at that! 

Sunday, busy again, but so much fun.  From the second we woke up the kids were asking to go to the movies and see the new chipmunks movie.  So the plan was Dawn was going to take Brady and Lily while I stayed home with Charlie and watched some football.  I was happy with this because it was the first week of my Fantasy Football playoffs and I wanted to keep an eye on the scores/games.  However quickly there after our plans changed.  I received a call from my boss with the Dbacks offering me his two tickets to the Cardinals game.  I gave Brady the option of movies or football game and before I could finish he was starting to put his jersey on.  So we headed out to Glendale and Dawn took the girls to the movies.  The game was awesome, they won in overtime and Brady had a blast.  It was his first ever Football game and it couldn't have been better.  As for my eating on the day, well I took my buddy to his first ever football game so I was going to enjoy eating anything he wanted.  It was a Hot Dog for each of us and then we shared some nachos.  Great Day!

There is now only one week left till Christmas and two weeks left in the year.  This means that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter for getting back on my diet journey full speed!


Day 177

I had today off and boy am I glad as it was a very busy day.  From the minute I woke up till about 4pm I was going full speed.  We needed to get our stuff mailed out to our out of town families and today was the cutoff with hopes of getting it there by Christmas.  Getting everything wrapped, boxed up and going to the UPS store was very time consuming that I took the day off.

Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas with Dawn's grandma and her Dad's side of the family.  We used to do it on Christmas Eve, however with all the families growing over the years it has been easier to do it the week before.  So needless to say Dawn and I had plenty of stuff to do tonight to get ready for that like make devil eggs, wrap gifts and do laundry to name a few.

Well that's about it for today, it was a crazy one!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Leftover Chinese Food (Small plate)
  • Afternoon Snack:  Peanut Butter-Scotch Square (1)
  • Dinner:  Pizza (2) and Chicken Wings (3)
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 176

It was another simple non exciting day for me (Thursday).  Dawn was working in the office today so I had the house all to myself!  It makes for a nice change every once in a while.  We all know that Thursdays are clean day, so with the house to myself I was able to get everything cleaned pretty quickly with no interruptions.  Once I was done cleaning I laid on the couch in the clean/quiet house and did nothing.  It was awesome!

We did get a package from Grammy that had some of her peanut butter-scotch squares in it.  I have not had those in probably 5+ years so it was an awesome treat.  They kids loved them as well!  Thanks Grammy!!!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel & Coffee
  • Lunch:  PB&J Sandwich
  • Dinner:  Mongolian Beef and White Rice
  • Dessert:  Peanut Butter-Scotch Squares (Grammy sent some)
  • Exercise:  House Cleaning (2 hours)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C-


Dy 175

I don't really have anything new and exciting to talk about from Wednesday.  I worked and went out to do a little shopping.  Other than that it was a normal boring day for me.  Hopefully tomorrow (Thursday will be better).

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel (1/2) & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Del Taco Tacos (3)
  • Afternoon Snack:  Peanut Butter Cup (2, Small bite size)
  • Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Wrap from Wendy's (1)
  • Dessert:  Popcorn
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 174: 232 pounds

Yup I'm still at the same weight I was last time I weighed myself.  I guess that's not a bad thing considering the time of year it is.  Just being able to maintain my weight during this time of year should be the goal. 

Another thing I wanted to mention is that one year ago today, December 13th 2010, I started a diet because I was sick of my weight.  Dawn and I started it together and were focused on making it work.  We did great at it for a few months, however it then slowed down just like any diet does.  It was then on June 23rd that I started this Journey to beak the 200 pond mark.  Because I'm a huge nerd I still have the details from that day in a spreadsheet.  I weighed 255 pounds!  With what my current weight is I'm proud to know that I have been able to keep off the 23 pounds during the past year.  However since I started my current diet/journey I have currently lost 13 pounds.  It was at one point 20 pounds, but I have gone back up by 7 pounds over the past few months.  I don't plan on making this a habit and know for a fact I can get to my goal of breaking 200 by my 35th Birthday! 

As for today, well it rained all day long!  I'm not kidding, I think it might have stopped for about 10 minutes but that's about it.  My yard looks like a flood zone and all the streets look like mini lakes or running rivers.  its crazy!  Its kind of hard to get outside and be active when its raining non stop.  I hope it clears up soon.

Daily Recap:

Breakfast:  Toast (2) & Coffee

Lunch:  Tamale (1)
Dinner:  Chicken Sandwich & Fries (from Chick fi A)
Exercise:  n/a
Weight:  232 pounds
Grade:  C-


Day 173

Nothing exciting to come out of today.  It rained all day long so I didn't really do anything.  However the garage door got fixed so we can get in and out again!  So yeah that's about it.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast (2) and Coffee
  • Lunch:  Tamale (2)
  • Dinner:  Cheeseburger (1) and Chicken Nuggets (4) from McDonald's
  • Dessert:  Popcorn
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 172

I again forgot to post this yesterday.  Yes I know I have been slacking off of late, here is what I had to post about.

I started off my day by picking up some coffee before heading to Kokopelli for a golf tournament.  We were not starting till 8am, however that was pushed back about 30 minutes to do frost on the course.  It was freezing for the first hour, but after that it started to warm up and turning out to be one of the best days in recent weeks.  As for the golf game, well as a team we shot 4 under par.  We could have done much better but I was fighting a very sore back where I could barley bend over and walk.  I pulled something on Saturday and had hoped it would be better by Sunday but it wasn't.  So with every swing and put I would feel a sharp pain and pull.  It sucked, but I'm a competitor and didn't let it stop me.  I still had some great shots that left my team saying "how you can hit shots like that in that pain is amazing". 

Oh yeah the tournament was sponsored by Hooters, so after it was over we all got a free buffet style lunch at Hooters in Mesa.  I had a burger, pickle, some potato salad and a few wings. They were hot wings so I could only put down about 3.  All the food was great!

After Hooters I rushed home to pick up the family so we could head over to Bill and Donna's.  They got their Christmas tree and it was time for all the grandkids to help decorate it.  After the tree was all decorated it was time for dinner, meatloaf!  I was still full from lunch but it was meatloaf, I don't pass up meatloaf, ever!  I had a small piece, some green beans and a little bit of mashed potatoes.  It was a prefect dinner!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee
  • Morning Snack:  Granola Bar on Golf Course
  • Lunch: Hamburger, potato salad and chicken wings (3)
  • Dinner:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & green beans
  • Dessert:  Sugar Cookie (made by the kids)
  • Exercise:  Golfed
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C


Day 171

I got lots done today so it was a great day.  The only bad thing to come from the day was our garage door breaking.  The kids all wanted donuts for breakfast and I knew that meant I could get some coffee so I went to pick some up before Lily's dance class.  Brady and I took Lily to dance while Dawn stayed home with Charlie.  I wanted to take her so Brady and I could go to Dicks Sporting Goods to check out a few things.  So right after we left the house Dawn called me to tell me she heard a loud noise in the garage.  When she went out to check she saw that the spring/coil had snapped.  When this happens you cant even manually open the door because its to heavy.  At least my car was outside because the van is stuck till it gets fixed.  Speaking of getting it fixed, that's the best part.  I don't have to pay for it!  I called my buddy/landlord Gary ("Hello Bryan!") and he came out this afternoon to take a look.  He said he would have someone come fix it asap.  He's an awesome landlord!

Since my car was going to be the main car of the family for a few days I decided to clean it up really nice.  It had been a long time since I cleaned it.  I take it to the car wash place down the road because they can get it done pretty quick.  However it needed a Bryan clean this time, inside and out.  I spent a good 3 hours on it.  It was awesome, and it was some great exercise.  During the process I had to eat some lunch and went with a slice of leftover pizza.  

Since we watched our friends kids last night they were taking ours tonight so we could go out and get some Christmas shopping done.  It was perfect.  Before we got busy with shopping we got some dinner at Paradise Bakery.  I had the chicken walnut salad sandwich and a side of broccoli & cheese soup.  Its one of my favorites.  It hit the spot.  

Tomorrow morning I'm playing in a golf tournament so you better believe it that coffee will be on the menu.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee & Donut (1, Maple Frosted)
  • Lunch:  Pizza (1 slice)
  • Dinner:  Chicken Walnut Salad Sandwich and Broccoli & Cheese soup
  • Exercise:  Cleaned my car of 3 hours
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B+


Day 170

I forgot to post this yesterday because I fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up till 1:30am.  Here is what I had to say....

It was a pretty busy day for me today, Dawn and the girls were off (Friday's) and I had work to do.  Its always a nice challenge to get work done when I have two kids running around the house.  The good thing about today was Dawn had a lunch date with a friend from high school, so her and the girls left the house for a few hours allowing me to get some stuff done.  I went with some toast again for breakfast and enjoyed every last bite.  The beginning of the week I was enjoying eggs, however needed a break and toast was the perfect fit.

I had some things I needed to do this afternoon so I used my lunch hour to get them done.  It took a little bit longer than an hour, but that's ok I will make up the time at some point.  Before heading out I put down a tamale as a quick lunch.

Dinner was not good, but I kept it under control.  We were babysitting a friends two girls so it was going to be a pizza night.  So like I said I kept it under control and only had 2 slices of pizza.  Yes two slices is pretty normal, however when you have a full box in front of you it can easily go from two to three or four.  So I think I did good.  The other good part is that since we watched their kids tonight, they are going to watch ours tomorrow night so Dawn and I can go out.  We would like to have a date night and do dinner and a movie, but need to take the time with no kids and go shopping.  We are getting closer to the big day and still have tons to do.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast (2) & Coffee
  • Morning Snack:  Orange
  • Lunch:  Tamale (1)
  • Afternoon Snack:  String Cheese stick
  • Dinner:  Pizza (2)
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 169

Normally on Thursdays the highlight of my day is cleaning the house.  However not today, it was Brady's holiday musical and play.  He played Thomas Jefferson and had a few lines.  All the kids were dressed up and did great.  They also sang a handful of songs and did some dancing.  Brady was great, really getting into all of it.  We couldn't have been more proud.  It was awesome!

Oh but not to worry I still cleaned the house and of course worked.  I normally clean the entire house including mopping in 2 hours, but today I got it all done in an hour and forty five minutes.  I was moving and sweating pretty good.  Good exercise!

As for my eating today, well I think it was pretty good.  Details below. 

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast (2) & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Tamale (1)
  • Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Wrap (2)
  • Exercise:  1.45 hours of house cleaning
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B+


Day 168

I was running a bit behind this morning and didn't have the time to cook eggs, so I decided to just make some toast.  Lunch was very small and easy as I made just one tamale.  Oh how I love those! 

Brady had a half day at school so I had to pick him up at 12:30pm.  Normally on half days they can purchase a Jamba Juice (fruit smoothies) on their way out.  Brady lives for these half days because of these smoothies.  However today he came walking out with nothing but a sad look on his face.  He said that Jumba Juice didn't come today so I had to do something and that something was getting ice cream.  With that said my diet had to be put on hold for a few minutes so I could enjoy some ice cream with my buddy.  Oh and just for the record it was Baskin Robbins Winter White Chocolate.  The best!!

For dinner I made spaghetti with a meat sauce and we all enjoyed that with some corn and garlic bread.  Boy did that hit the spot, and I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  That's of course if I don't go with a tamale again.  After dinner the kids wanted to watch Home Alone 2 so I made some popcorn and we all shared it during the movie.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast (2) & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Tamale (1)
  • Afternoon Snack:  Ice Cream (1 scoop)
  • Dinner:  Spaghetti, Corn and Garlic Bread (1 slice)
  • Dessert:  Popcorn
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  D (Thanks ice cream, but it was worth it)


Day 167

I woke up determined to have a good day today and to stay focused on my eating.  I really want to be back under 230 by the end of this week and in order to do that I need to stay focused.  I'm not going to lie, its not easy this time of year to diet.

Just like yesterday I made two eggs for breakfast and enjoyed them with some coffee.  I had a busy morning so I didn't get around to eating lunch till about 1pm.  For lunch I heated up some leftover buffalo chicken from last night and made one small sandwich.  The good thing about eating that is it forces me to drink a few water bottles because of the "heat" factor.  After lunch Dawn and I headed over to her work so she could pick up some fresh tamales from a lady she works with.  Her mom makes them this time of year and sells them so we got 2 dozen.

As for dinner, yup tamales, two of them. 

I did sneak in a few oatmeal raisin cookies for dessert.  We do a family Secret Santa thing and last night ours delivered some homemade cookies.  I could easily eat all of them, but will be limit myself to one or two per day.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  2 eggs & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (leftover)
  • Dinner: 2 tamales
  • Dessert:  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (few)
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B+


Day 166: 232 pounds

So I got on the scale this morning or the first time in a while and I was expecting to see a bad number.  However seeing 232 made me a little bit happy.  I'm not super happy but it is what it is, I will deal with it.  Plus its only 2 pounds away from getting back under 230 again. I really want to see the 220's again and am going to try very hard to get back there this week.  Can I do it, yes I can! 

I started off my day by cooking two eggs and enjoying them with some coffee.  Eggs are a great source of protein and are low in calories, carbs and fat.  I might have to roll with that for a few days, change it up a bit.  Dawn and I both took a little bit of an extended lunch so we could go get some things done without the kids.  On our way home we ran through Taco Bell for something quick, easy and more importantly cheap!  I went with two tacos and a bean burrito.  I know its not the best of lunch, but it could have been much worse. 

Dinner was some home cooking, well home crock pot cooking.  I had asked Dawn this morning I wanted her buffalo ranch chicken sandwiches.  I know what your thinking, Bryan eat something that's buffalo flavored!  Well I like these so much that I suffer through the "hot" factory.  The chicken cooks in a crock pot with a pack of dry ranch dressing and a bottle of Frank's Red Hot.  When its all done you shred the chicken, put it on a roll and enjoy.  I enjoyed one of those and a salad.  Dinner was awesome!  After dinner we packed up the van and went to look at Christmas lights.  Good times!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  2 eggs & Coffee
  • Lunch:  2 Tacos & Bean Burrito (Taco Bell)
  • Dinner:  Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich & Salad
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  232 pounds
  • Grade:  B-


Day 165

I got to spend most of the day in a quiet house with just me.  It was awesome!  Dawn took the kids to watch Rylee's cheerleading performance over in Glendale at 9am.  After that was over they all went out to lunch and didn't get home till about 1:30pm.  After they left I went and got my self a coffee and bagel and returned home to watch some football. 

It was freezing out and I was sick of eating out, so for lunch I headed to the freezer and got me a hot pocket.  It was some turkey, cheese and bacon in a pretzel type bread.  Surprisingly it was good.  I continued to watch football while enjoying my very gourmet meal.  I was also flipping back and forth to the golf tournament with hopes of seeing Tiger Woods win for the first time in over a year.  Sure enough a bride on the 18th got him that win.  It was pretty awesome to see him pumped up after #17 and then winning on #18.

Not to get to far off subject, but in case your wondering, yes I'm a big fan of Tiger Woods.  I have been a fan since the day he came into the PGA tour.  There are lots of great players out there, but in my opinion there is no one better then him when he is on his game.  Now I don't agree at all with all his personal issues and what he did a while back.  However that's his personal life and his business and besides I don't watch his personal life on NBC every Sunday.  I watch and care about what he does on the golf course and for the game of golf.  Everyone deserves a second chance and I'm glad to support him in his journey back to the top.

So now back to me.  After lunch we all just sat around the house and relaxed.  Dawn made dinner about 4:45pm because I was playing softball tonight at 6pm.  I was able to get a quick small plate down before having to leave.  It hit the spot!  As for softball, well it was about 45 degrees out with a lite breeze, but it was still a lot of fun because we got the victory.  However I'm pretty sure I wont be able to feel my legs tomorrow form all the running I did.  Running on dirt in softball shoes when its freezing out is not a good combo. 

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and really have no idea what its going to say.  I know that I have not been very good with my eating habits and lack of exercise.  However I also know that I have not been that bad.  So we will see, but either way tomorrow will make the start of a new week.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Coffee & Bagel
  • Lunch:  Hot Pocket
  • Afternoon Snack:  Popcorn
  • Dinner:  Hamburger Helper Meal (Italian Pasta Shells), Green Beans and Biscuits
  • Exercise:  Softball (1 hour)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 164

I took Lily to dance this morning so my breakfast was just an iced coffee from Dunkin on our way.  Trust me, this is a perfect breakfast in my books just because I love their coffee and could probably have it for ever meal.  After getting home from dance I did some laundry (folded and put away) and then relaxed and watched some golf on TV.

Our supply of food is getting thing and I was to lazy to make any lunch so I went and got some cheeseburgers and tacos from Jack In The Box.  Not healthy, but quick, easy and yummy.  After lunch came time for a Christmas movie so I put on Home Alone.  The kids love it and so do I, it never gets old.  Gotta love Christmas movies!

We got a few hours off from the kids tonight as Dawn's parents watched them so we could get some shopping done.  Its always a nice break.  Dinner was a quick drive thru at Wendy's between stores.  Gotta love this time of year, always on the go.

Next weigh in day will be Monday.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Coffee
  • Lunch:  Tacos (3) from Jack In The Box
  • Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Wrap (2) from Wendy's
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 163

Friday was a pretty crazy day for me mainly because on Friday's the girls are off and don't go to the sitters.  Normally Dawn is here as well to help out with them as she has Friday's off, but she had some things to do and was not home.  This left me with two kids that were out of control all while trying to get work done.  It was tons and tons of fun!

After Dawn and Brady were home the idea of going out to dinner came up and I quickly said YES!  I needed to get out of the house for a few hours.  We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Chandler.  Its attached to the mall so after we were done we went inside and walked around for a little bit.  We spent most of our time in the Lego store.  I, I mean the kids love that store! 

Once we got home we made some popcorn and watched some TV before falling asleep on the couch.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel
  • Morning Snack:  Protein Shake
  • Lunch:  Cheese Crisp
  • Dinner:  Spaghetti with meatballs and sausage
  • Dessert:  Popcorn
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 162

Nothing major to report on today so I will keep this nice and short.  I worked, cleaned the house, went out to lunch with Dawn and did some shopping at Costco.  I love Costco!

Other than that it was a normal day in the life of Bryan.  I think tomorrow I might go out and put up more lights in the yard, just depends on how much time I will have...haha!

Daily Recap:  
  • Breakfast:  Toast & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Pita Jungle Grilled Chicken Shawarma (they are awesome) and some Hummus.
  • Dinner:  Pizza =(
  • Exercise:  House Cleaning (2.5 hours)
  • Weight: n/a
  • Grade:  C- 


Day 161

It was a fun day for me today, yes fun.  Why you ask, well I spent a good chunk of the day playing with Lego's.  Brady has a pretty good collection of Lego's, some small some big.  However only a few of them are fully built.  The rest were just in piles like a tornado rolled through.  He is asking for more for Christmas, so I told him that I wanted everything re-built before Christmas otherwise all the new pieces would be lost in the mix.  He asked me if I could help him and I gladly accepted!  I don't think playing with Lego's will ever get old, I love it.  Dawn even said at one point today "I know what I'm getting you for Christmas"

As for my eating today, it was good.  However I did have a donut for breakfast, just one!  I made a coffee run and Dawn wanted just one donut so I got the #1 (coffee and 2 donuts) as its cheaper.  Yes I know donuts are not good for you, however just one is not going to kill me.  For lunch I heated up some leftover turkey, just turkey.  It might be a week old, but it tasted good!  Dinner was similar to lunch, but this time it was leftover chicken, green beans and a little mashed potatoes.  The fridge is officially empty of all the leftovers.  I did good!

Tomorrow is clean day so I will get plenty of exercise doing that, and maybe I just might go out for a bike ride or walk.  I still have a cough hanging around so I don't want to push running.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Donut & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Turkey (plain)
  • Dinner:  Chicken, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight: n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 160

I did better today in regards to my eating.  I say better because I didn't snack on junk food like I did on Monday.  Breakfast was yet again toast and coffee.  I know its nothing fancy, but I like toast and we all know I love coffee, so why not stick with it.  Now as for lunch, well I did slip up a bit as I had some pizza.  We had a few things to do on our lunch so Dawn suggested we do a lunch date before heading to Walmart and the Post Office.  She wanted to try this place called Sauce that's located just down the road at Dana Park.  Its been there a long time, however we have never tried it.  All I can say is we will for sure go back.  It was awesome!  We shared a small salad and a small pizza.  The pizza is brick oven thin crust and they have tons of different kinds, however we couldn't seem to go away from the normal peperoni.  I look forward to going back.

Once we got home we both got busy with stuff and before we knew it we had to pick up the girls.  We had not even thought about dinner nor did we really want to cook anything.  This means only one thing....McDonald family chicken nugget meal here we come.  Yes I know its fast food and not good for you, but for $8.99 we can feed our entire family of 5.  You cant beat that!  After dinner the kids all took baths and we then headed out to look at some Christmas lights.  The kids watched Elf in the car and ate popcorn that we pre cooked before leaving.  They thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I just wish there were more lights to look at.  Hopefully more go up after this weekend.

I will say that trying to stick with a diet during this time of year is not easy.  There are going to be many days when we are on the go and cooking wont be an option.  There are also going to be lots of holiday goodies just about any place we go.  I really need to lock it up and get focused.  Last year around this time Dawn and I both started diets and it was tough, but we really stuck with it for a few months before slipping up.  I know I have that info somewhere so I will dig up and write a post about it.  Till tomorrow....

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast & Coffee
  • Lunch:  1/2 Salad and Pizza
  • Dinner:  Chicken Nuggets
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C-


Day 159

The Monday after a holiday weekend is never fun, but its something we have to deal with.   Not really much to say about today.  I did some work and put up more Christmas lights.  I'm almost done putting them up, however I think I could keep adding more and more if Dawn didn't tell me to stop.  I cant help it, I have some Clark Griswold in me!

I will say that my eating today was not good.  It started off good with some toast, but for lunch I heated up a small piece of lasagna that was leftover from Thanksgiving.  Dinner was homemade taco night and anytime we do that I tend to put on a eating display.  I love homemade tacos!  After dinner the kids wanted Dawn to make some cookies, so she made a batch of those pre packed ones you get in the store.  Unfortunately I had a few of those (peanut butter & chocolate chip) as well.

So on that note I'm looking forward to getting this day done with and putting it in the past.  I'm going to really focus hard tomorrow on eating right, small sizes and no snacking on junk.  I can do it, its time!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Lasagna (leftovers)
  • Dinner:  Tacos (homemade)
  • Dessert:  Cookies (3)
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  F


Day 158

We woke up to only one kid this morning as Brady and Lily went home with Rylee and Jake for a sleepover last night.  Its crazy how only one kid life feels like.  Dawn was taking Ashley & Brett's family photos this morning so Brady and Lily just came with them.  We hung out there for about an hour and then headed to get some lunch.  Of course the kids wanted Red Robin. 

After lunch we headed to Home Depot so I could get some new Christmas lights for the house.  It seems like everything is going to LED now a days, however I'm not a huge fan of the color some of them give off.  So we went with the old school big clear bulbs.  Plus they are way cheaper then LED lights.  I'm sure at some point in the future I will have to buy LED because you wont be able to find the other ones anymore, but until that day I'm sticking with old school style. 

Once we got home I got to working on the lights.  What a big project it is just to get them up on the house.  The peaks of our roof are much higher than our old house so I have to extend my latter all the way out and even then its almost not enough.  I felt fine up on it, however Dawn was freaking out!  I finally ran out of day light but did get all the lights up on the house.  The small lights in the trees will have to wait.  It was then time for dinner, leftover chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans from last night.  Yummy!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee
  • Lunch:  Chicken Caesar Wrap (with fries)
  • Dinner:  Chicken, Mashed Potatoes with Green Beans
  • Exercise:  Putting up Christmas Lights (I was sweating more than if I went running)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C-


Day 156 & 157

I forgot to post something on day 156 (Friday) because I was invited to the ASU game that started at 8pm and didn't get over till midnight.  By the time I got home I was in bed within minutes.  Other than that Friday was pretty laid back.  We put up our Christmas tree as a family and it took about 4 hours.  We took our time and enjoyed it.  As part of the tradition we watched Christmas Vacation and Elf in the process.  Good times!

As for today (Saturday), it was great.  After back to back nights of not getting to bed till well after midnight I was hoping to sleep in just a bit this morning.  However having 3 kids kills that possibility.  Dawn was taking some photos for a friend this morning so it was me and the kids.  After my long night I was in major need for coffee.  So I told the kids it was time for donuts and I think they beat me to the car.  When we got home the kids ran into the house to start munching on their munchkins and then as I was walking it, I bumped the wall and my coffee went flying landing upside down shattering on the tile.  I slipped out a few lets say not so good words.  I then told the kids "come on, get back in the car we are going back.  I need coffee".  When I pulled back up to the drive thru window the girl said "hey your back"!  I told her the reason why and in return I got a free coffee and she gave me an extra punch on my loyalty card.  So it all worked out in the end. 

The afternoon was a busy one as we were getting things ready for Dawn's family who was coming over for dinner for her Mom's birthday.  As Dawn started making dinner for everyone I went out to do the yard work and start putting the Christmas lights up.  I didn't get that far in putting up the lights because each set that I had on the house last year, more than half of them were not working.  Only one strand was fully working.  I guess its time to upgrade to some new lights.  I'm glad I tested them before hanging them on the house! 

As for dinner, it was awesome.  We had a house full of people and kids and everyone was having a great time and all the kids were playing great.  Always a good time.  Oh and the meal Dawn made was so so good!  It was a good day!

On a separate note, once this weekend is over I plan on getting back to the diet and exercise routine 100%.  I had a feeling that once Thanksgiving was here that the few days following it would be a rough one.  But don't worry I will get back on track.

Till tomorrow.....


Day 155: 229.5 pounds

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I had no time to get this posted yesterday, and that's ok because I was just a little bit busy.  I woke up about 730am and from that minute it was non stop till about 3am, yes 3am.  Its a bit long of a post, but worth the read!

I had a plan to not eat that much for breakfast and lunch because I knew that our Thanksgiving dinner (4pm) was going to be massive!  So for breakfast I had an iced coffee and piece of toast.  That got me going and boy did I need it as I had to make my devil eggs.  I boiled 4 dozen the night before so all I had to do was cut them and make the filling mixture.  That took about 2 hours, but I had the football game on so that helped.  I was getting hungry while making the eggs, so when I was done I made a protein shake to hold me over.  We headed out to Scottsdale about 3:30pm and ate around 4:30pm.  I cant begin to tell you how much food there was.  I was in heaven!  This is the one day a year that I don't hold back and eat anything I want, and I did just that.  I had one full plate of all the normal Thanksgiving items and when that was done I went to get a plate of lasagna.  Lasagna is a fixture at every holiday event, its awesome!  After that was done I rested up for about 20 minutes and then tackled the dessert table.  Everything was so so good.  Thanksgiving was a success! 

After eating everyone just hung out, talked and watched some football.  Other than the food, visiting with family is the next best thing.  It also gave Dawn time to put the final touches on our game plan for Black Friday shopping.  Based on deals we had decided to go to Walmart first and then Target.  Walmart was starting their deals at 10pm for non electronics.  All electronics were not going on sale till midnight.  So we got there about 9:45pm and what I witnessed after that was like nothing I have ever seen, nor wish to ever see again.  All of the big sale items that were going on sale at 10pm (so 5 minutes after we walked in) were lined up in the isles with tons and tons of people just waiting for the green light.  Finally at 10pm an announcement came one that Black Friday was officially starting.  It then turned into a full on war for those items.  We were looking at one of them, however when seeing people jumping over other people and diving into piles of boxes, throwing elbows, pulling on each other, we decided it was not worth it and headed to the toy area.  It took me at least 30 minutes to get there and it was only about 200 feet.  It was wall to wall people, and these were people who had no concern for the people around them.  At one point I was stuck in the bike section or about 20 minutes without moving.  At least the people around me at that time were nice.  We finally got to where we needed to be and were able to get a few things on our list.  The next challenge was making our way to the checkout and then waiting.  I have never been to New York City on New Years Eve, however I'm pretty sure it would be just like my experience at Walmart!

Once we left Walmart we headed to Target.  They were not opening till midnight and we got there about 11:30pm.  The line outside was probably a few thousand people deep, no joke.  However Dawn found a way to sneak into the line up near the front. Target had it going on and was very organized.  They made announcements outside that they were only going to let groups of 30 in at a time every minute or so.  Once in the store they had tons of employees guiding people in certain directions.  There were lots and lots of people but since they were so organized and had a plan, it worked out and was not that bad.  We got a few more things that were a smoking deal before heading home about 2:30am.  Dawn's parents were at the house watching the kids so we needed to get home.  Once at home I stayed and Dawn then headed back out to another Walmart.  She was hoping that since it was a few hours into the morning that it would not be that bad.  It was a smart move as she said it was not that busy. 

Finally we both called it a day/night/morning at 4am and got some sleep.  What a day!  The good news is I have tons of leftovers that I get to enjoy over the next few days.  I cant wait!

Again Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee & Toast
  • Lunch:  Protein Shake
  • Dinner:  A FEAST!!!!!
  • Exercise:  Lots and lots of walking all day and night!
  • Weight:  229.5 pounds
  • Grade:  n/a (it was Thanksgiving)


Day 154

Only one more day till I can sit back, eat, relax and of course watch some football.  But first I had to get through today, that being Thanksgiving Eve.  It was a very busy day for me however not so much on the work front.  I took a 1/2 day today because I had some other things to take care of, the biggest being a round of golf.

So to recap today's events, it was like this.  I dropped the kids off at school and the sitters.  After that I headed down to get a nice cold cup of iced coffee from DD's.  I returned home and did some work for a few hours and then started to clean the house.  As everyone knows I normally clean the house on Thursdays, however this Thursday is Thanksgiving and there is no way I will be cleaning the house.  It was nice because Dawn helped out this week, however we both had to stop after getting about 3/4 of the house done as she had some work to do and I wanted to get a hair cut before playing golf.  So I headed down to Supercuts and got a trim and then headed to the course.  I played Greenfield Lakes with my father in law, brother in law and one of Dawn's uncles (Uncle Marty).  The course is small with lots of par 3's some par 4's and two par 5's.  I shot a 68 (par is 62) and was happy with it.  After golf I was instructed to pick up some dinner as both Dawn and I didn't feel like cooking (McDonald's it was).  Once dinner was done it was back to finishing cleaning the other 1/4 of the house (our bedroom & mop).  After all of that was done it was time to boil and peal some eggs in preparation for tomorrow.  I'm in charge of making Devil Eggs for the big family dinner and to save on time I like to boil and peal the eggs the night before.  When your cooking 4 dozen eggs it makes it a ton easier.  Once that was done it was time to just sit down, write this post and then call it a night!

Oh and the highlight of my day was that I got my photo from the Diamondbacks from when I was the employee of the month.  I took a photo of it the best I could and put it below.  Geoff Blum is on the left and the team President Derek Hall on the right.  Its pretty awesome and will be framed and mounted next to my bat.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast & Coffee
  • Morning Snack:  Celery & Peanut Butter (1)
  • Lunch:  Hot Dog (1, in the car on my way to golf)
  • Dinner:  Cheeseburger (1) and 4 chicken nuggets from McDonald's
  • Exercise:  Golfed, Cleaned House, Mopped
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B+


Day 153: 231.5

With only a few days left till the biggest eating day of the year, I made the decision to go very easy on eating the next few days.  I need to make sure that I'm 100% prepared for the task at hand =).  Really I need to do this every day again so I can get back to losing weight at a quicker rate!

I had another day with a good amount of work on my plate, but of course its never a problem to get it all done.  Working from home gives me the flexibility to get stuff done at my own pace but more important I don't have any distractions holding me back.  I love it!  I did sneak in  few snacks while working, but they were good and healthy snacks in celery with peanut butter.

After picking up Brady we headed out to some sport stores to do some "window" shopping.  Its one of our favorite things to do, it never gets old.  After getting home I fired up the grill and cooked some hot dogs and made a broccoli and rice mix to go with them.  It was one of those quick and easy meals tonight.  Works with us!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Toast & Coffee
  • Morning Snack:  Celery & Peanut Butter (1)
  • Lunch: Tamale
  • Afternoon Snack:  Celery & Peanut Butter (2)
  • Dinner:  Hot Dog with broccoli/rice mix
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  231.5
  • Grade:  B+


Day 152

I forgot to post something yesterday due to the fact that it was a very busy day and night and I ended up passing out on the couch about 9pm, so here it is. 

For some strange reason I like to fall asleep on the couch every now and then, but only for an hour or so.  What I dont like is waking up at 2:30am with the TV still on and having a stiff neck.  It drives me nuts when this happens becasue its time I could have been in my comfy bed.

As for the rest of the day and why it was so busy.  Well it was a Monday and I had plenty of work to do.  Dawn and I took our lunch break and went to do a little shopping for some pre Black Friday deals.  We then had to pick up Brady from school and go in and pickup the candles he sold in his fundraiser.  After that I had more work and had someone coming over to the house to buy an old home stero system I was selling on craigslist.  I also worked with Lily on riding her bike with no training wheels.  I'm very proud to say that she has it down now, its so awesome!  Then came dinner and we all went out for some Mexican food (yummy).  After we got home it was kid clean up time and then we helped Brady and Lily with their Christmas list.  Lily did her's pretty quick where as Brady is still working on his.  He's nuts!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Tamale
  • Dinner:  Tacos (2) with beans and rice
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight: n/a
  • Grade:  C-


Day 151

Not much to report on for today.  The good news is today was not as busy as yesterday.  We had another birthday party this afternoon for my nephew (Jake).  Before going over there we all just hung around the house and watched some football.  It was a perfect way to start my Sunday.  Once at the party I resumed my role of watching football and doing nothing.

When we got home, yup you guessed it more football.  I love Sundays!  No time for exercise today and even if there was I don't think I would have done it.  I have been feeling great of late, I don't want to do anything to go south again.  Maybe in a few days I will resume.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee
  • Lunch:  Subway Sandwich, Potato Salad and some chips
  • Afternoon Snack:  Birthday Cupcake
  • Dinner:  Pizza (2)
  • Exercise:  n/a
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  D


Day 150

Finally, it was yard sale day!  Both Dawn and I set our alarms for 5:30am so we could get up, get the signs out and pull everything out into the driveway.  However we didn't wake up till 6:30am.  If it was the summer we would have lost a good hour already, however with it not getting light out till about 7am, we were still ok on time.  Our first guest showed up about 6:45am and purchased a few items.  So it was official, we were in business.  After a few hours and almost all our stuff gone, we called it a day.  We were pretty happy to see most of our big items gone, however our computer hutch was still standing.  We were asking $200 for it and were told many times today that was a super steal given its condition and quality.  But every person that said that of course was not going to buy it.  So after calling it a day I counted up our money and it was a $420 profit.  How awesome is that!  Dawn had also put the computer hutch on Craigslist, this time for $300 and within an hour we got a call and sold it for $265.  I was shocked that it sold so dang quick.  So we post more stuff on craigslist and within 20 minutes I had someone lined up to purchase an old surround sound system for $60.  So now our $420 profit is up to $745 and we are not done.  Its been a great day, I love yard sales!

So yard sale aside I did ok today.  My breakfast was a coffee and a donut during the yard sale.  I think its almost standard that you eat donuts during yard sales.  Its quick and easy!  As for lunch, well that was something special.  During the yard sale some lady came by and asked if we wanted to buy some Tamales.  Umm, yeah I would, I love tamales!  So I heated up two of those and relaxed on the couch for a little bit.  Dinner was at Peter Piper Pizza for my nieces (Aidyn) birthday party.  I love their pizza, I was hungry and was around family, so I ate up.  It was good times!  

Now its 11pm and I'm very tired and ready for bed.  To recap today was very busy yet again, oh and we have made over $700 selling random crap we no longer wanted or needed.  

So till tomorrow....


Day 149

Its not that I forgot to post yesterday, its just because I didn't have any time.  Yesterday (Friday) was a very busy day for me.  After getting done with work it was all me and the kids for dinner as Dawn went to the movies.  After dinner (hot dog) was over and the girls to bed, me and Brady headed to the garage to get stuff in order for the big garage sale today (Saturday).  I finally called it a night about 12:30am and headed to bed.

As for the rest of my day, it was good.  I don't really recall what I ate, but know I didn't do that bad.  I was so active that I'm sure I burned more than I ate.  

So with that said I will now start to work on my post for today.  


Day 148

It was another busy day for me, both work and personal stuff, more so on the personal stuff.  I started the day off with a nice refreshing cup of iced coffee.  Perfect way to start a Thursday.  Speaking of Thursday, I spent a good chunk of my morning cleaning the house and getting more stuff set aside for the yard sale this weekend.  We have a good amount of stuff so it should be a success.  

Dawn and I went to Pita Jungle for a lunch date today.  It was very nice to spend some alone time with just the two of us.  Plus the food is amazing there so it was a huge win.  After lunch we walked over to the self serve yogurt store.  I got a small cup of non fat min yogurt and it was awesome!  Once we returned home I got back to cleaning as I still had to vacuum and mop.  After picking up Brady from school, we went outside and played some football and enjoyed that awesome weather.  

We all went to get the girls and then stopped and picked up a Little Caesars Hot and Ready pizza for dinner.  Cant beat a $5 meal for a family of 5!  After dinner came time to relax and watch some Thursday night football.  I was looking forward to watching Tim Tebow play.  He's not the best quarterback in the league when it comes to standard NFL QB skills, actually he might be the worst.  However he has more heart and passion than any quarterback in the league.  After watching the game tonight I would put money on that statement.  The guy is a winner, a big time winner!  Who wouldn't want to be around a guy like that.  

So on that note I will be done for the day.  So till tomorrow....


Day 147: 232 pounds

We are looking to have a yard sale this weekend, so I spent a good chunk of my day getting stuff in order for that.  Of course I did all of this on my down time with work (ha ha).  We have a good collection of stuff that we will hope to sell.  However knowing how our yard sales go, I don't think we will have any issues getting rid of most of it.  I really hope so because I don't want it coming back into my house/garage.  It also makes for good timing because Black Friday is next week and we like to get a lot of our shopping done on this day.  So having the extra money in our pocket will help a ton.  

As for my eating, well it started with bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and boy were they good.  That held me over till lunch time when I heated up more of the leftover baked spaghetti.  My afternoon snack was a nature valley peanut butter granola square.  They are only 90 calories, 100% natural and a perfect snack.  Dinner was some good ole home cooking.  Dawn made BBQ chicken breast in the crock pot with some mashed potatoes and green beans.  This meal is always a big hit in our house, therefore I don't have any leftovers for tomorrow.

So overall it was a good day and I got lots of stuff done around the house.  So till tomorrow.....


Day 146

Today was a rough one for me. Not with my eating and exercise, but my work.  I had to let someone know that they no longer had a job after this Friday.  For those that have done this, you know how I feel.  If you have never done this than trust me when I say that its one of the hardest things you will ever have to do.  It makes you sick to your stomach almost to the point where you want to throw up.  However its part of my job and as much as it hurt to delivery the message, I'm just glad it was me delivering it, not getting it delivered to me.  

After taking the kids to school this morning I made a coffee stop before heading back home to work.  Once I got the news that today was the day to communicate the "news", I got busy preparing for it.  Because of this I didn't get the chance to eat lunch till about 2pm.  I heated up some leftovers from last night.  That bakes spaghetti meal Dawn made was almost better leftover.  After that I got back to work and stayed busy up till I had to get Brady from school.  

Once he got home he wanted to go throw the football around and I sure could use the break so off we went.  While playing in the backyard we saw a hot air balloon fly over the house, and it was pretty low.  It was pretty cool because we could hear the people talking and hear the hot air being blown up into the balloon.  Since it was so low I told Brady that it must be landing somewhere nearby.  So we jumped in my car and started to follow it around the neighborhood until we finally found where it was going to land.  It was this park area in the neighborhood just north of us.  It was crazy to see this large balloon come down in the middle of this neighborhood park.  There were lots of people running up to watch it land.  Once it was on the ground the guy flying it told everyone they could help jump on the balloon part to get all the air out.  It looked like tons of fun.  I told Brady to go out there and play, but he didn't want to.  I think the size of it kind of scared him.  I don't blame him, the thing was huge!

Once we got home it was time for some dinner.  After the day of work I had I didn't feel like cooking and just wanted some quick.  We all agreed on Taco Bell.  A few taco's later and I was ready to call it a night and watch some TV.  

So overall today was a crappy one!  So till tomorrow.....


Day 145: 232 pounds

I weighed myself this morning for the first time in over a week.  I was not sure what to expect since I was sick all last week, but figured I would be about the same as last reported.  Am I happy with that number, of course not.  However I am happy knowing that I have been feeling better and know that I can slowly start to get back on the diet track.  I had set a goal a few weeks back of hitting the 222 pound mark by Thanksgiving.  I'm still aiming for that, however missing a week and now not being able to really exercise has me thinking that it might not happen.  However you never know, 10 pounds in 10 days could happen.  

Today also marks day 145, that's 55 days away from 200!  I started to think the other day that I should aim for breaking my 200 pound mark by day 200.  That would be fitting don't ya think?  In doing the math it would mean that I would have to lose just about a half a pound per day.  It might be a reach, but I think I'm going to give it a try.  At least it something fun to work for!

As for my day today.  Well being a Monday and me being back at work, I started my day off with a nice cup of hot joe!  A Chipotle just opened down the road at Dana Park, so that meant I was going out to get lunch today.  I went with a Grilled Chicken burrito bowl, a personal favorite of mine.  Having this just down the road is going to become a favorite of mine for lunch, however I wont over due it.  Dinner was a home cooked meal.  Dawn made this spaghetti meal that baked.  It was awesome and of course plenty of leftovers.  Overall it was a good day.

Till tomorrow....


Day 144

Another day in the books and with exception of a head ache, probably lack of coffee, I felt great.  I only coughed a few times!  It rained all night and a little bit this morning, however that went away and it turned into a beautiful day.

Dawn made pancakes for breakfast so we enjoyed those before sitting down to some football.  We pretty much did nothing the rest of the day.  I did take some time out of my football watching to make a PB&J for lunch, but returned quickly to the couch to finishing watching the Cardinals take down the Eagles.  After the game was over we cleaned up the house a little bit and all headed out for a family walk.  Like I said above, it was so nice out.  Brady and Lily both rode their bikes while Dawn and I walked pushing Charlie in her little car.  It was good family fun!  Dinner was some hot dogs (Chicago style), yummy!

Tomorrow is Monday and the start of a new week.  I think it will also be a good morning for a cup of coffee, but we will see.

Till tomorrow.......


Day 143

Things are starting to look up for me as it was another good day on the health front.  I was tired most of the day, but that was not because of being sick, but because of only getting a few hours of sleep last night.  Night time is still a bit rough for me with my coughing.  It seems that I'm up every few minutes drinking some water to stop the cough.  However last night it was not only the cough, but it was Charlotte.  She has not been feeling good and last night it really showed.  She went to bed around normal time (7:30pm) however woke up about 11:30pm coughing and screaming.  She looked so tired but would not stop crying and would not go back to bed.  Finally at 2:30am I decided to take her out for a drive.  After 30 minutes she was sound a sleep and I returned home.  So when all said and done Dawn and I got to sleep from 3:30 to 7am.  Yes it sucks, but I would do it every night if it meant taking care of my little princess!  It's what we do as parents.  So yeah I was tired all day, but still felt good.

We had a family out day and went to the mall this afternoon.  We ate some lunch, walked around and got the kids some "Christmas" clothes for the upcoming big day.  It's always a good time walking around the mall, especially this time of year.

As for my eating today.  For breakfast I enjoyed two bowls of Cheerios.  Lunch was at the mall and I had a footlong Subway Roasted Chicken breast sandwich covered with veggies.  Dinner was 3 tacos from Jack in the Box.  Yeah I did!  So that was it on the eating front today.  No hard exercise other than walking around the mall.  I'm not going to be in any hurry to push exercise because I don't need to get sick again.

So till tomorrow.......