Day 100: 227 pounds

I take pride in saying that I have completed 100 days on this Journey.  I have stuck with it day in and day out and am not slowing down till I get to my goal of breaking 200!  I will say that when I started this back in June I felt like I could do it and would not give up.  However as everyone knows diets are not easy, they normally only last a few weeks, maybe a month tops before the person is back to their old ways.  But I have been strong, determined and focused on the end prize…breaking 200.  Yes there has been some up’s and down’s, but that’s to be expected and it has only made me stronger.
I worked from home again today and Dawn was home with the girls (they don’t go to the sitter on Friday’s).   I stared the day by weighing in and it was the same as the other day, 227 pounds.  Oh well, I’m sure I will lose a pound or two by Monday.  So than after a quick stop to pick up some bagels it was back home for some work.  After about 2 hours I decided to start cleaning the house.  I like to clean on Friday’s just because it’s one less thing we have to do on the weekends and we all know that I don’t like to do anything on Sunday’s but watch football.  Dawn had a lunch date with some friends so she took the girls and left me alone.  I got the entire house done including vacuuming and mopping in about 2 hours.  After cleaning I heated up some left over’s for a quick lunch before getting back to work.
Dawn and I had date night tonight (Dinner & Movie) so we dropped the kids off at her parents and enjoyed our alone/free time.  Dinner was at BJ’s Brewery before we headed over to the theater.  Since it was date night, I didn’t want to worry about what to order and eat, however thanks to Dawn she talked me into the Chinese Chicken Salad.  It was awesome!  We also ordered the Spinach Artichoke Dip as a starter.  Mix those together with a nice Oktoberfest Micro Brew and it was a hell of a meal.  We still had some time after dinner before the move started and Dawn wanted desert so we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory and shared a piece of cheesecake.  Yes I was bad tonight, but it was date night so I had to enjoy it.  We finally made it to the movies and both of us didn’t want anything as we were to full.  This might have been the first time ever that I have gone to a movie and not got anything to drink or snack on.  Oh and the movie we saw was called “Drive”.  It was good, interesting, but good!
As for exercise, well I cleaned the house for 2 hours and I will say that I was sweating just as much if not more then when I go running.  I’m pretty sure those two hours gave me a really good work out!

Daily Recap
  • Breakfast:  Bagel
  • Lunch:  Leftover Chicken & Veggies
  • Afternoon Snack:  Balance Bar
  • Dinner:  Chinese Chicken Salad, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Beer
  • Desert:  Cheesecake (shared 1 piece with Dawn)
  • Exercise:  House cleaning (2 hours)
  • Weight:  227 pounds (same as previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  C-


Day 99

Its crazy to think that tomorrow marks the 100th day I have been on this journey.  Wow!  As for today, it was good.  I was pretty busy with work most of the morning so I didn't really think about food after my bagel for breakfast.  Come lunch time Dawn and I had some errands to run so we took that time to do them.  In just over an hour we were able to go to two banks, the Cox store, buy some new towels and get a new patio set.  It was time for some new towels as all of ours were at least 10 years old.  As for the patio set, I'm super excited for that!  We have been wanting a new one for a while now and found one on smoking sale that we couldn't pass up.  This is the perfect time of the year to be outside, so I cant wait.  After all of that we came home ate some lunch and I got back to work.  So yeah it was a busy day.

Brady had a baseball game tonight at 5:30pm, so dinner was going to wait till after the game.  The game was good, they lost, but he played great!  He got the start at catcher and did very good (photo below).  After the game was over he wanted tacos from Taco Bell so we swung by and took them home.  It's not what I was wanting, however it was his choice because he played so good. 

After dinner was done it was time to go running.....for the 4th night in a row.  Yes!!! 

Daily Recap
  • Breakfast:  Bagel & Coffee
  • Lunch:  Leftover Chicken & Veggies
  • Afternoon Snack:  Honey & Oats Granola Bar
  • Dinner:  Taco Bell (2 tacos, 1 bean burrito)
  • Exercise:  Running (20 minutes)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 98: 227 pounds

Yes that is correct, 227 pounds as of this morning.  Talk about a great way to start the day!  I have been working extra hard the past few days and it showed this morning when I weighed myself.  Very happy with myself!

I worked from home again today so after a few hours of spreadsheets I decided to head out for a run.  I will say that i'm really starting to enjoy running in the middle of the day.  After my run came time for lunch.  I decided to go with the same lunch again today as yesterday, because I knew there was still some left over peas.  It was yummy!  I also had to work the last Dbacks game tonight, so headed out there about 5pm.  Now I say last game because it was the last game of the regular season.  But its not over for us as we will be facing the Brewers in the NLDS starting Saturday.  So we will have at least one more home game next week (hopefully more).  I are dinner at the ballpark and decided to go with the full meal rather than just the soup and salad.  Reason for this was because it was the last game of the season.  They wont offer food during the playoffs because our press lounge gets converted into a media hub.  Anyways, the dinner was good.  I had a small side salad with a plate of steamed broccoli and this chicken and veggie mixture thing.  I think it was supposed to be Chicken Pot Pie, however there was no crust or anything.  It was just chicken and veggies.  It looked odd, but it tasted good. 

So again it was another great day for me.  I ate good and exercised yet again.  Oh and I lost 3 pounds since my last weigh in.  High Five!

Daily Recap
  • Breakfast:  Bowl of Cereal (Raisin Bran)
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken & Peas
  • Afternoon Snack:  Peach Yogurt
  • Dinner:  Chicken w/veggies, Steamed Broccoli and a side salad
  • Exercise:  Running (30 minutes)
  • Weight:  227 pounds (down 3 pounds from previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  A


Day 97

It was another great day for me!  I had to work in the office for the first part of today and then it was home to finish before picking up Brady.  It was actually nice to be in the office for a change as it was the first time I was there in a week.  However I will say that its so much easier to work from home, no commute, no dressing up, no having to listen to the crazy women on the other side of the wall yell at her kids all day.  Good times!

I did good on my eating today and got some exercise in.  On my way into the office I stopped and got an iced coffee, it held me over till lunch time.  For lunch I heated up a piece of grilled chicken and opened a can of peas.  Grilled chicken and peas, now how healthy is that!  About an hour after lunch I grabbed a cup of peach yogurt from the fridge and put that down like it was a shot of whisky!  On my way out the door to pick up Brady I took a handful of Wheat Thins and a bottle of water.  I normally have to wait about 10 minutes for him to come out, so this was going to be my little afternoon snack.  For dinner it was just going to be me and the kids.  Dawn had dinner plans with some work friends so it was up to me to cook.  I had everything out and ready to make spaghetti, but at the last minute the kids changed their mind and wanted Bologna sandwich's.  I didn't argue this because making those takes about 2 minutes and has no clean up.  Spaghetti takes a while and involves lots of dishes.  Yeah I know, I go big time when I cook!

After dinner I put on my shoes and hit the streets.  The weather was so perfect that I wanted to just keep going and going but then remembered that I was not Forrest Gump and my knees were starting to burn.  But none the less I got a nice run in and in back to back nights. 

So again it was a great day.  I'm really hoping that tomorrow when I weigh in its under 230 pounds.  I have been working hard the past two days and really don't want to see that number ever again.  Diets are for sure not easy!

Daily Recap
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken, Peas & Peach Yogurt
  • Afternoon Sack:  Wheat Thins (handful)
  • Dinner:  Bologna sandwich with some Sun Chips
  • Exercise:  Running (25 minutes)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  A


Day 96: 230 pounds

So if you read my post yesterday you would know that I have not been happy with my day to day performance over the past few weeks.  I also stated that I had the feeling that I was going to be up in weight.  My assumption was correct as I was up to 230!  That's a 3 pound gain from my weigh in on Friday.  However I was not that mad as I knew it was going to be the case.  So rather then being upset I got focused on the day and getting back on track!

I have been working form home on a regular basis, so after dropping the kids of this morning I picked up a bagel and returned home to get back to work.  I stayed busy for a while and then found some time to vacuum and mop the house.  Once I was done I did a little more work and then got ready for my run.  It was so so nice to be out running at noon and not have it be 115 outside.  I was so happy with myself that I got out and went running.  It felt great.  After a quick shower it was time for some lunch.

Brady had a game tonight so we were at the fields for a few hours.  It was not a pretty game for us as they lost 15 to 3.  Ouch!  Because of the time of game, dinner had to wait until after and at that point it was going to be something quick.  Wendy's got the group vote.

So overall it was a great day for me.  I was determined to be strong all day, and that I was!

Daily Recap
  • Breakfast:  Bagel
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast & Yogurt Cup
  • Afternoon Snack:  Wheat Thins (few)
  • Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Wrap (2) from Wendy's
  • Exercise:  Running 30 minutes
  • Weight:  230 pounds (3 pound gain from previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  A


Day 95

Oh how I love Sunday's!  Today was the best because I just got to sit around the house, relax, watch some football and practice some baseball with Brady.  Great day!  That pretty much covers it, no need to go into details, because there really isn't any.  I was lazy!

I will say that among my sitting around I got to thinking about the past few weeks and my diet/journey.  When really thinking about it, I have not done near as good as I did before going to Vegas.  It actually got me depressed for most of the afternoon.  I have not been exercising (only a few times), granted I was sick for a while and still have a cough.  I have also been snacking on little things here and there the past few days, again not good!  This is one downside to the coupon shopping going on in my house.  Lots of stuff in the pantry.  My meal eating times have not been on target like in the past and my portion size has grown a little bit compared to when I started.  My weight seems to go up and down more then just going downOne thing that I have stuck 100% true on is soda.  I have not gave in to a can, cup or glass of soda in 95 days!

So after being pissed at myself for a while it got me thinking....this is enough!  Serious!  I need to be person I was before going to Vegas.  Focused and determined!  I know when I weigh myself tomorrow my weight is going to be higher then what it previous was.  Maybe it wont, but I have a good feeling that it will.  I'm kind of hoping that it is as it will be the cherry on the Sunday!  Its time and the time is tomorrow!

No daily recap today as I'm just looking to get this day over and start fresh!  Wish me luck.


Day 94

It was another crazy and busy day for us.  It started off with Brady having baseball practice at 9:30 for about 2 hours.  Lily had a party 1pm for a friend in her class.  The nice part was her friends older brother is one of Brady's friends so he got to go also.  Dawn took them, however I stayed home with Charile so I could get ready for the DBacks game at 5pm.  I was hoping for a fast game so I could get home and just relax and watch the ASU Football game.  However I should know better by  now than to wish for a quick game.  Normally when you say or think this, it will go extra slow.  This was the case tonight, however the reason was something I have never seen in my 12 years working games.  We lost half our power in the stadium and all the lights went out.  It was cool to see and watch the fans react.  We have a roof, so we never get rain delays, so in a way this was our version of a rain delay.  I finally got home about 9pm and was able to catch the end of the ASU game.  Perfect way to end a crazy day!

As for my eating.  Well it started off with a bowl of cereal before Brady's practice.  When at practice a few kids came up to me trying to sell some power bars for a $1 as a fundraiser.  I was able to help them out as I only had one dollar on me.  Brady and I ate it when he was done with practice.  It was pretty good, some of those powerbars can be pretty nasty and not have much flavor, but this one was good.  When we got home from practice it was time to starting thinking about lunch.  The kids were going to eat something at the party, so it was more for me and Dawn.  Since I don't like to waste leftovers, we heated up the last few pieces of pizza.  I didn't eat at the game because I was still full from lunch, however I brought a Balance Bar with me in case I got the urge for a snack during the game, and I did because of how long it was taking.  By the time I got home I was still hungry, but didn't want to go get anything or eat anything big.  I went with a Lean Pocket (yummy!).  So overall not bad, yet not super good. 

I didn't have time to exercise because of all the stuff we had going on and with having to work a game.  Plus I have this cough right now that I think is related to allergies, its driving me nuts.  At random times I will just start coughing because of a tickle in my throat.  Its the worse!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Raisin Bran Cereal
  • Morning Snack:  Power Bar
  • Lunch:  Leftover Pizza (2)
  • Dinner:  Balance Bar (at game) & Lean Pocket (at home)
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 93: 227 pounds

Today was a great day!  I weighed myself and was down a pound and Dawn was coming home!  Yes losing the pound was great, but to get mom home is the best.  Plus the girls don't go to the sitter on Friday and Lily doesnt have school, so they got to hang out with ole dad.  Or maybe it was me getting to hang out with them, either way I will take it.  I love my time with just my girls!  It also meant that they got to go with me to pick up Dawn.  I'm pretty sure Lily was counting down minutes to when we left.  Before we had to get Dawn, we had other things to get done.  First was getting Brady to school  Next was breakfast!  After we dropped Brady off at school Lily said "I want donuts.  I told her that she could have "a" donut because it meant that I could have coffee.  Yes coffee again!

When we got home both girls dug into their donuts as I got to work.  Both real work and work around the house.  I wanted to get it all cleaned before getting Dawn so it was one thing we didn't have to worry about this weekend.  I was able to get the entire house done and shower with 30 minutes to spare before having to leave.  Once we got home we ate some lunch and then it was back to work for me.  Lunch was a quick heat up of some leftovers, yum! 

Dinner was a group choice and that choice was of course pizza.  We decided on Barros pizza and wings, and boy was that a good choice!  It has been a long time since we have gone to Barros.  I only had 2 slices of pizza and a few wings.  It was a Friday night, mom was home and the Dbacks were about to come on.  Speaking of the DBacks, that's the other reason why today was great.  They came back in the 8th inning to take the lead and then close out the Giants to win the National League West!  So awesome! 

So I will end with this...GO DBACKS!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Coffee
  • Lunch:  Leftover Spaghetti (small bowl)
  • Afternoon Snack:  Balance Bar
  • Dinner:  Pizza (2) and Wings
  • Exercise:  Cleaned the house for 2 hours
  • Weight:  227 pounds (down 1 pound from previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  C+


Day 92

Another day in the books!  I woke up still not happy with my weigh in yesterday, however I put it past me and moved on.  Nothing I can do about it but move forward and stay strong.

I was up kind of late last night and got up early this morning in order to start work and get all the kids ready for school.  After dropping them off I was still pretty tired so decided that my breakfast was going to be coffee.  Plus I needed to stop at Home Depot for some liquid nail and with Dunkin Donuts right next door it seemed like a perfect fit!  Boy did the coffee help!

I worked and did some things around the house throughout the rest of today.  I'm really starting to like this work from home thing.  Next week should be interesting as Dawn will be home from Cleveland and she works from home also.  I might have to go work from Starbucks or something in order to not go crazy.  However I'm sure we will be able to survive.  We can both work in complete different areas of the house.  I call the couch!!

For lunch I heated up the leftovers from dinner last night.  I love leftovers, actually I might be the only person in the house that does.  Dinner was a frozen pizza because Brady had a baseball game at 5:30pm.  My mother in law came over at 5 to watch the girls so I could take Brady.  Both Brady and I had two pieces of the pizza on our way out the door.  As for his game, well they won 11-9.  It was a good game and Brady played really good, especially in the field. 

When we got home he was still hungry so I made him some Easy Mac.  Mac N Cheese within 3 minutes rules.  I was also still a bit hungry so I grabbed a yogurt cup.

Again no exercise because I'm still playing Mr. Mom.  With Dawn coming home tomorrow, I should be able to get back out there this weekend.  This way I can head into next week on a high note. 

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Coffee
  • Lunch:  Leftover Pasta/meat meal
  • Afternoon snack:  Yogurt Cup
  • Dinner:  Frozen Pizza (2 pieces)
  • Desert:  Yogurt Cup
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 91: 228 pounds

We all know that yesterday was awesome, however today started off very crappy because I weighed myself and it was back at 228 pounds.  I seriously have no clue whats going on as I have been eating good the past few days.  Grated I have not been exercising because Dawn has been out of town and I cant leave the kids home alone.  So maybe that's the reason why I have not dropped anything and yet have gained those dang two pounds back.  Serious!!!  I did get in a better mood when I saw my bat from last night.  I really have no clue what is going on, but it needs stop!

As for the rest of today, well it was pretty simple and normal.  I worked from home so after the kids were off to school I had the house all to myself.  Nice and quiet so I could get some work done, and a few other things around the house.  I needed to get some laundry done and mop the floors, so I found some time to get that in also.  It was a good relaxing/working day aside from the weigh in part.  Oh well tomorrow is a new day and that's all I can focus on, one day at a time.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast & small Salad
  • Afternoon Snack:  Balance Bar
  • Dinner:  Velveeta Pasta meal and Green Beans
  • Desert:  Popcorn with the kids
  • Exercise:  Does mopping the house count?
  • Weight:  228 pounds (2 pound gain from previous weigh in)  Bummer!
  • Grade:  B+


Day 90

Only 10 more days till I hit the big 100!  I know in my post yesterday I said that I was going to weigh myself this morning, however force of habit for a Tuesday morning, I forgot!  That's ok, because today turned out to be an awesome day.  Here's why (this is going to be one of my longer posts, however well worth the read).

I needed to be in the office today for some meetings, so after dropping the kids off at school I headed in.  On my way in I received a call from my boss with the Diamondbacks.  He was asking if I could come into the game tonight for just a little bit during the pregame.  I told him that I would have to make some calls to get someone to watch the kids as Dawn was out of town all week.  He said, well you have been selected as the Game Operations A Game All Star Employee of the month!  I was speechless!  I quickly replied with "wow, that is so awesome, I'm honored and will be there for sure".  This is a very big deal and means a lot to me so I needed to do everything possible to make sure I was there.  So I started making calls to make sure I had everything lined up for when I had to go.  Brady had his first baseball game, so missing that would be crappy, however I will get to watch him on Thursday and next week and the week after.  Getting this award is something that may never come around again.  So after stressing out for about an hour I finally had it all in place.  My mother in law (Donna) was going to come over at 5 to watch the girls while my father in law (Bill) took Brady to his game.  Once I was done I was going to meet at Brady's game and hope to catch the last inning. 

After my meetings at work I headed home so I could pick up Brady from school.  I knew I had to break the news to him that I was not going to be able to make his game and figured he would not be happy.  However he said "its ok dad, you cant miss getting that award.  Maybe you can get a high five from Justin Upton".  Bill came over about 4:15pm and I then went and picked up the girls.  He said he would wait with them until Donna got there.  This allowed me to leave a little bit early to make sure I was not late for my event.  Off I went!

I got the ballpark about 5:45pm as I needed to be on the field by 6pm.  My boss (Josh) escorted me down as I don't have field access.  Once on the field he gave me my letter and then left because he had work to do.  I then waited for the other winners to show up.  It was awesome because I was hanging out by the dugout and all the players were coming in and out as they were warming up.  A few said "hey whats up", it was cool.  So once everyone was there the presentation begun.  There were 8 total winners, one from each department.  I won from the Game Operations department that consists of well over 150 people.  We all got lined up between home plate and third base.  The team President Derek Hall came out with Geoff Blum.  Blum is a backup infielder who has been in the league a while.  Yeah it would have been awesome to be presented by Justin Upton or another superstar, however Blum was really cool!  Each person was presented with their award, took a photo with Hall and Blum and got announced and put up on the board.  When the camera got to me, it was "from Game Operations, 12 year employee Bryan Campbell", yeah sounds good doesn't it!  After it was all done there were lots of hand shakes and congrats going around.  Even as we exited the field via the dugout, a few players said congrats.  Its awesome how good of a job the organization does by getting everyone on board to acknowledge the winners!  A+ organization here in Arizona!  After all that was over I went back upstairs to the room I work in to say thanks again to my boss and the Director of Game Operations.  It was then off to Gilbert to try and catch the end of Brady's game!

I called my father in law a few times as I was on my way to Brady's game.  I just wanted to make sure that if it was almost over I didn't show up and miss them.  He told me that I should be able to make the last inning.  I got there and as I was walking up I saw Brady running back to the dugout.  He had just grounded out to second.  I did however get to see him play in the field for the last inning (short stop) and really play good.  He almost got to a hard hit ball in the gap, once it was past him, he ran back over to cover second base.  The runner rounded second and headed for third, Brady caught the throw back and quickly turned to throw the running out at third.  It was a strike to the third baseman, they had the running by at least 5 feet.  However the ball was dropped so he was safe.  That's about all I got to see, however I heard he did great all night.  He started at second base and then was moved to pitcher.  This is the first season of kid pitch, so its new to him, however he has it down.  The first batter he faced he hit in the leg.  He told me he was standing to close to the plate.  I told him not to worry about hitting him because as the pitcher he owns the inside of the plate.  I told him you don't let the batter take that away and cant be afraid to pitch inside.  I don't think that's what he was really trying to do (pitch inside) but it still sounded cool to say.  So with a runner on first he went back to work and retired the next 3 hitters in order, K, K and K!  Can you say mini Papelbon!  It sucks I missed it but am happy my father in law got see it.  He also played catcher and shortstop on the night.  I head he did really good behind the plate as well!  As for hitting, he only got 3 at bats and struck out twice and grounded out to second..  I know what we need to work on this week!  After the game was over he came running out and gave me a hug and said "I did great tonight, but how was your thing.  Did you get a high five from Upton"?  I had to tell him I didn't, but did get to see him and say hi.  That was just as cool to him!

I finally made it home about 7:45pm and was very tired.  Charlotte was still awake, and this made me very happy because I love putter her to bed.  I think she loves me putting her to bed as well.  Every night when I pick her up and head down the hallway she knows and puts her head on my shoulder.  Right before we get to her crib she will pop up her head and give me a kiss!  So awesome!  Lily and Brady where both in bed by 8:30pm.  This gave me some quiet time to just relax and sure enough I did by falling asleep on the couch! 

So that was the highlights of my day.  Yeah I know there is really nothing on my diet or exercise however I just couldn't resist writing something about my day.  See below for my daily recap.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Nuti Gran Bar & Water
  • Morning Snack:  Balance Bar
  • Lunch:  Left over spaghetti
  • Afternoon Snack:  Yogurt Cup
  • Dinner:  Salad (homemade)
  • Desert:  Popcorn with the kids
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 89

Today should have been a weigh in day, however stupid me forgot to get on the scale before leaving to take the kids to school and Dawn to the airport.  I would have just done it when I got home, however Dawn and I stopped at Einsteins Bagels for a quick meal.  It was just a normal bagel with cream cheese and coffee for me.  So because of this I will just have to weigh in tomorrow and then again on Wednesday. 

Today I also started my work from home schedule for the week.  With the exception of tomorrow I will be at home all week.  Its something new we are testing to see if it can be done full time.  I will keep my fingers crossed that this happens because working form home full time would be awesome!

So with being home all day I could have easily just sat around and snacked on all the food in our house.  However I was strong and did really good with my eating.  While I was working I found the time to create a list (spreadsheet) of all the things I had to do or wanted to get done this week.  Its a good way for me to stay on top of things with Dawn out of town.  Or maybe it was a good excuse for me to create another personal spreadsheet.  I have a section on the file for dinners for the week.  Tonight was spaghetti!

I thought it would be a good idea to start cooking before I picked up the girls because normally Charlotte is in rare form by 5:30pm and needs to eat ASAP.  This game plan worked and we were eating dinner by 6pm.  We all sat at the table, but were sad because Dawn was missing from the group.  After dinner was over it was bath time then on to the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.  Both Lily and Charlotte fell asleep during this time so it made it a bit easier for me.  However I will say that my little man was a huge helper tonight.  He is such a great big brother (when he wants to be) and son.  He's awesome!

Since I'm flying solo this week, its going to be hard for me to get out and do any exercising.  I'm going to try and get out during the days when I'm working from home.  Maybe my lunch breaks will be that time.  I did spend some time cleaning the house and making all the beds.  I'm very active and work up a good sweat when I'm cleaning.  So I'm going to count that as exercise for today. 

It will be another busy and crazy day tomorrow.  I have to go into the office for some meetings and then have Brady's first baseball game at 5:30pm.  He cant wait as this is his first season with kid pitch! 

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel & Cream Cheese
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast and 1 leftover BBQ Rib
  • Afternoon Snack:  Balance Bar
  • Dinner:  Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and corn and side salad
  • Exercise:  House cleaning (2 hours)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B+


Day 88

Yes it was a Sunday and that normally means sitting on the couch watching football all day.  However today was a bit different for me.  Yesterday I was asked to play in a golf tournament that was this morning.  I love football and normally wont agree to do anything over watching it, however Golf is one of those things.  I love being out on the course especially in this weather.  It was awesome out today!

I needed to be at the course by 6:30am and it was on the other side of Ahwatukee so I was looking at around a 20-25 minute commute.  However the freeway I was going to use was closed, so it was going to take even longer.  So I got up around 4:45am with the goal of being out of the house by 5:30am.  There were a few reasons for wanting to leave by this time, the main one was I wanted to get some coffee, the second was to get to the course to hit some balls and get a feel of how the greens were running.  So my breakfast was via a straw at 5:30 this morning.  It hit the spot. 

During the round of golf all I ate was a granola bar and washed it down with lots and lots of water.  The course was providing lunch after the tournament, so we hung around and enjoyed some "brunch".  I had a little bit of eggs and some chicken.  I got home about 1pm and was able to watch a little football before the next stop in our day. 

One of Dawn's good friends form work who we have become close with is moving back to Washington State next week.  Her and her husband wanted to have us all over for dinner before they headed out.  He knows that I love ribs so he put some in the smoker for when we got there.  There were so damn good, I went to town!  The best part is he gave me the leftovers for lunch tomorrow (hey oh)!  I will also add that I did have a few deserts/sweets just because I needed to eat something to help take the spice away from the ribs.  They were spicy, but so so good!

Once we got home it was time to relax and watch the end of the Sunday night game between the Falcons and Eagles.  I didn't feel like going out and exercising because I was tired from my round of golf.  So overall, it was an ok to bad day.  I didn't do it on purpose, it was just how our day was planned.  If I was sitting at home all day I would have done great and stuck to my game plan.

Here's looking at you Monday! 

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee
  • Morning Snack:  Honey & Oats Granola bar
  • Lunch:  Eggs & Grilled Chicken (yes I know its a weird combo)
  • Dinner:  BBQ Ribs
  • Desert:  Cookie & Lemon Square
  • Exercise:  Golf (4 hours)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C-


Day 87

This could be my shortest post to date as I don't have much to say for today.  It was a good Saturday as I got to spend the entire day with the kids.  Dawn had a baby shower type thing for her sister Ashley, so that meant I was Mr. Mom for most of the day.  Brady had baseball practice at 1pm, so other than that it was just hanging out at the house.  I will say that normally being outside at 1pm on a Saturday would be just crazy, however today it was about 87 so it was perfect!  I so wish it was me out there running around playing, however I was running around chasing the girls.  Oh how times change, but they change for the best. 

I love days like this, it was great!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Raisin Bran Cereal
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Afternoon Snack:  Crackers (at baseball practice)
  • Dinner:  Taco Bell (2 tacos, 1 bean burrito) yeah I know.....
  • Desert:  Popcorn (small bowl)
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C-


Day 86: 226 pounds

Just was I was hoping, happened.  I weighed myself this morning and I was back to 226 pounds.  Getting back on track and working hard the past two days paid off.  I'm focused on keeping it up into the weekend so come Monday I'm hopefully below 225. 

Since it was a Friday we decided to eat out tonight.  We were without Brady as he was spending the night at his cousin's house, so it was just me and my girls!  We let Lily pick and of course she picked Paradise Bakery.  This was good with me because I could get a sandwich and some soup.  It was a perfect dinner!

Dawn went out to do some coupon shopping after dinner, so I got the honor of putting my angels to bed.  They both went to bed with no issues and didn't make a sound.  Amazing!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Honey & Oats Granola Bar & Water
  • Lunch:  Leftover Pork & Green Beans
  • Afternoon Snack:  Fiber One bar
  • Dinner:  Chicken Walnut Sandwich, Cup of Soup (Clam Chowder)
  • Exercise:  none (gave my legs a night off)
  • Weight:  226 pounds (down 2 pounds since last weigh in)
  • Grade:  B+


Day 85

Wow, has it really been 85 days?  I have never really paid attention to it because its just another day down.  However 85 days is a long time.  That's just shy of about 3 months.  Crazy isn't it!  Next big milestone will be day 100.  My goal by day 100 is to break 220 pounds.  I have confidence that I can drop at least 8 pounds (depending on what my weight is tomorrow) in the next 15 days.  Wish me luck.

As for today, we you guessed it, another normal day.  Breakfast was a quick granola bar and bottle of water as I drove into work.  Once I got to work I had a list of things I needed to get done and wanted to get done in the morning hours.  This was good because it made the time go by pretty quickly and before I knew it, it was lunch time.  I was super excited for lunch as it was leftovers from dinner last night.  I cant say it enough how good dinner was.  I'm a huge fan of pork and could probably eat it multiple times per week.  So off to the microwave I went to heat up awesome leftovers. 

Tonight was gymnastics for Lily so that meant it was up to me to get dinner for me, Brady and Charlotte.  I didn't feel like cooking so we went out.  Brady wanted Wendy's and I said no problem because it meant I could get a grilled chick wrap.  Yes I know it was fast food, but like I have said in many of my previous posts, this is not that bad for me.  Its real grilled chicken wrapped up with lettuce and cheese.  Its a good low fat/good source of protein meal. 

After dinner came my second consecutive night of going running.  It was even cooler out tonight, so I was loving being outside.  I was also loving that I was out running in back to back nights.  Again high five to me!

Wish me luck tomorrow for my next weigh in.  I have been working hard the past two days, so hopefully I have dropped a pound or two.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Honey & Oats Granola Bar with Water
  • Lunch:  Leftover Pork, Green Beans and Mashed Potatoes
  • Afternoon Snack:  Piece of cheese
  • Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Wrap (2) & water
  • Exercise:  Running (20 minutes)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  A


Day 84: 228 pounds

I figured my weight would not have made much of a change since my Monday weigh in, however I'm just happy that it didn't go up.  After weighing myself and seeing the 228 number, I thought back to the comment from my Dad the other day.  At that moment it clicked and the light bulb went back on!  It was time to take it out of 3rd gear and drop it into 4th!  Full speed ahead! 

As you all know by now I work from home on Wednesdays.  This means I have full access to lots of food and drinks within the house.  However knowing that today was the day I got back on track I knew I could be strong and avoid them.  I did just that!  After dropping the kids off at school I had to head to Home Depot to get a new sprinkler and some work gloves.  You guessed it, I had yard work on the schedule.  On my way to Home Depot I checked to see if I had my debit card.  Yes I know it should always be in your wallet, however those that know me know that I tend to place it in random places.  So I needed to make sure I had it before heading down the road.  Sure enough there it was sitting under the "free" iced coffee coupon from Dunkin Donuts!  Considering there is a Dunkin just down from Home Depot, I decided I was going to drink my breakfast this morning.  I have looked up the nutrition facts on what I get and its really  not that bad.  Its only very bad when you mix it in with a maple frosted or a box of munchkins!  Not to worry, it was just coffee for me!

After getting home form the Depot and enjoying my coffee, it was off to work I go (from the couch).  It was a pretty busy morning with work, so I didn't get the chance to think about snacking.  Plus I was full from my coffee.  That's one of the huge pluses from drinking coffee, it makes you full for a while.  Brady had a half day, so I needed to pick him up by 12:30.  I decided to eat lunch when I got back, however before leaving I grabbed a few crackers for the road.  Lunch was served once we got back.  After lunch came yard work time.  It had been a while since I had cleaned up the yard (storms, out of town, etc), so mix in that and repairing the sprinkler line and I was looking at a good hours worth of work.

Once all the yard work was done it was time to get back to work until I had to pick up the girls.  By this point in the day the house had really started to smell great.  Dawn was cooking a Pork Loin in the crock pot that was mixed in with some sage and garlic.  I could not wait to dig in.  Also on top of this, she was also making home made apple sauce.  I could not wait!

After dinner came clean up and bath time.  After all that was done came the little voice saying sit on the couch and relax or go running.  I kept hearing this for about 30 minutes.  What decision did I make?  Well for those that have seen Happy Gilmore know that at times in the movie when he needs to stay strong and keep going with golf he would say "grandma, grandma, grandma".  Well that was me tonight, but I was saying "dad, dad, dad".  I could not let him or myself down on this day of getting back on track.  So the shoes went on and out I went.  Boy did it feel great to get back out there and be running.  Plus it was nice and cool so it felt even better. 

So overall it was a great day.  My eating was great and I exercised.  Hi five to me!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee
  • Morning Snack:  Crackers (few)
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast & Half Peanut Butter sandwich
  • Dinner:  Pork Loin, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
  • Desert:  Apple Sauce (homemade)
  • Exercise:  Yard work (1 hour), Running (20 minutes)
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  A+


Day 83

It was a good day for me as I didn't go over the top on my eating and kept it under control.  The only place I did bad was at dinner, but even then I didn't stuff my face.  Dawn had gone out for lunch with her work friends because one is moving out of state.  They went to Grimaldis (pizza/Italian place) and Dawn ordered a calzone.  Of course she had leftovers, however only about half of it.  She also came home with some left over pizza.  It had whole sliced tomatoes on it with no sauce, but some ricotta cheese.  It was very good, all of their food is good!  So Dawn and I shared these leftovers.  I had half of the half piece of calzone and one slice of the pizza.  It needed to be a quick meal because Brady had baseball practice. 

Because of baseball practice and the nasty weather starting to roll in, I didn't get any exercise in yet again.  On a side note, I did get yelled at by my dad for my recent eating habits.  Well it wasnt really yelling, but more a pep talk to get my butt in gear and back on track.  Thanks Dad for being there and making sure I don't fall! 

So with that said, tomorrow will be a good day of everything.  I promise!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Fiber One Bar
  • Morning Snack:  String Cheese stick
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast & Veggies
  • Afternoon Snack:  Yogurt Cup
  • Dinner:  Calzone piece (small), 1 slice of pizza
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 82: 228 pounds

In my last post I mentioned that I had a bad feeling about my next weigh in.  Well it was true.  I'm back up to 228 pounds!  For some reason I keep going between 226 and 228 on a regular basis.  I have a feeling this is because I have not been active with exercise and my eating has dropped off a little bit.  Granted a two pound swing is really nothing and easy to rebound from, however when your trying to lose weight this is not good.  Once I hit my goal weight I will be happy with this type of thing.  However right now I'm not! 

I did good with my eating while I was at work, but dinner I might have gone out of reach.  My breakfast and lunch were pretty normal for a work day in the office and I made sure to drink tons of water.  When I got home, Dawn was cooking some hot dog's (beef), veggies and some broccoli & rice mix.  Where I think I went out of reach was I had two hot dogs and an extra serving of the rice.  I probably should have stuck with just one dog and one serving of rice.  However I was starving so I dug in!  Now for the real kicker.  After dinner, Dawn made some brownies.  I couldn't resist and had to have one with a glass of milk.  I could have easily ate the pan, but only had one.

Another night without any exercise.  As I keep saying over and over, this darn cough wont go away.  I really need to man up and deal with it! 

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Honey & Oats Granola Bar with Water
  • Morning Snack:  String Cheese stick
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast & Veggies with Yogurt cup
  • Afternoon Snack:  Apple
  • Dinner:  Hot Dog (2), Veggies and Rice
  • Desert:  Brownie (1) and Milk
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  228 pounds (2 pound gain from previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  C-


Day 81

Today was not so much about me and my diet journey, but more so to remember what happened 10 years ago and those that lost their lives on that horrible September day.  Oh and there was plenty of football being watched as well.

We woke up to both kids coming in our room around 7:30 this morning.  Dawn had mentioned something about today being 911 and that lead to Brady asking what it was.  See none of our kids were born when this took place, and with him being the oldest at 7, he had some questions.  Dawn and I did our best to give him the basics of what happened, why it happened and how brave so many people were for having been part of it!  I still don't think he fully understood and nor should he yet.  I know someday will come when he will learn about it in school and come home and ask us about it.  He will ask if we remember it and what we were doing.  The answer will be simple, YES!  An event like that is something you will never forget, you will remember every little detail of where you were, who was with you, what people were saying, even what you were wearing!  I will never forget!

As for my diet today, well it was ok.  I have been down the past few days because I have not been able to get any exercise in because I still have not been feeling good.  I have a cough that wont go away, its been two weeks now and its still hanging around.  This is pretty normal for me when I get sick, however I think I'm to the point where I just need to fight through it and get out there and start running/biking again.  I just fear that the first time I go running that I will make the cough worse and be out of commission even longer.

So after we got done talking to Brady about 911, I headed up to Einsteins Bagels for some breakfast.  Its located less then a mile from our house and we have only gone there twice.  However its twice in two weeks!  I could see this becoming a regular Sunday thing.  After breakfast Dawn headed out for some coupon shopping while I cleaned up the house and got ready for some football.  I got tied up in all the football games that I didn't get the chance to eat lunch at a normal time.  Dawn had called on her way home with the suggestion of ordering a pizza and some wings.  I was all for it.  Whats better then pizza and wings on a Sunday watching football!  So we ate lunch a little bit later than normal, but it was ok.

As for dinner, well it was a small meal.  Dawn made baked potatoes and veggies for all of us.  Surprisingly the kids loved it!  It was a perfect meal after what was a filling lunch.  After dinner was some family game time playing "Sorry" (Lily won) and then off to bed for the kids.  Finally time to relax for Dawn and I.

Tomorrow is a weigh in day and I have a bad feeling about this one.  My eating has not been that strong and I have not been able to exercise.  I have already talked myself into tomorrow being the day.  The day to get fully back on track and 100% focused.  Its time to break 220 on the road to breaking 200.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Bagel Sandwich
  • Morning Snack:  Cheese & Crackers
  • Lunch:  Pizza & Wings
  • Dinner:  Baked Potato with Veggies
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  D-


Day 80

Why are Saturdays the best this time of year.  Well first its football season, so that means 90% of College Footballs games are played on Saturday.  So lots of games and highlights all day long.  Next would be that its one day closer to Sunday and NFL football.  Good times!

Brady was schedule to have baseball practice today at 12:30pm (ouch), however around 11am his coach called and said that the fields were not able to be used today.  Thank goodness, because it would have been very hot for me to sit there and watch.  I don't think he cared because when I told him the other night that practice on Saturday was going to be hot he said "I don't care I will be playing baseball".  He is just like his dad, loves the game!  So rather then having practice, we went to Dicks Sporting Goods to get some new baseball shoes.  His old ones were to small and they were giving a smoking discount to Gilbert Little Leagues from 9am-2pm just today.  He is good to go now.

Once we got home from Dicks we relaxed and just hung out for a little bit.  Dawn had to leave around 2pm so she could get to her parents house for her dads birthday dinner.  Since I had to work the DBacks game I was unable to attend.  That was a bummer because I really enjoy our family dinners and the time we all spend with each other.  However, I didn't mind today because the Dbacks game I was working was the 10 year anniversary celebration for them winning the World Series in 2001.  Much like the All Star game, I had been waiting for this night for a long time.  I was there in 2011 for pretty much every home game including the playoffs and the World Series.  I was working game 7 and got the honor of putting up the winning run on the scoreboard.  So being able to attend and work the 10 year celebration was something I wouldn't miss for anything.

I got the the ballpark nice and early as the ceremony was going to take place an hour before game time.  Because I didn't want to miss anything, I didn't get the chance to eat anything once I was there.  This was ok with me because I had a late lunch before leaving the house.  I wont go into full details about the ceremony, I will just say that it was AWESOME!  Almost the entire team and staff came back and it was a sell out crowd.  I had goose bumps/chills the entire time, again it was amazing.  I have worked over 600 games in my 12 year career with them and have seen just about everything a baseball fan can imagine, however tonight's game was one of the most special moments for me ever!  As for the actual game?  They again wore their uniforms form 2001.  They were losing in the bottom of the 9th, but hit back to back home runs to tie it up and force a 10th inning.  They won it in the bottom of the 10th.  What a perfect night and season this is turning out to be.  We are 9.5 games up in first place and closing in on winning the NL West title.  Something magical about this team, just like in 2001.

"Friday night we brought back the colors, Saturday we brought back the players, next month we bring back the trophy!"

By the time I got home from the game I was pretty hungry.  So the easiest and quickest thing I could find was a hot pocket.  I haven't had one of those in years, it was good!  We also had a mini hurricane blow through the valley tonight.  I shall call it Mini Ditka!  So there was no chance of exercising with all the wind, rain, etc outside.  

So as I head into tomorrow, I will first and always remember 911 and those brave men and women who lost their lives that day.  I will also remember all the men and women who continue to fight and sacrifice their lives for their country because of that day.  I will then watch football all day!  

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Raisin Bran Cereal
  • Lunch:  Stuffed Pepper leftover
  • Afternoon Snack:  String Cheese stick
  • Dinner:  Hot Pocket & Cheese and Crackers
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C


Day 79: 226 pounds

Yes I know, this is the second time this week that I'm posting a day behind.  Normally I post the night of my day, however last night I was watching the ASU game and was to tired after to start writing my post.  Sorry!

First thing I did after waking up was weight my self.  I was very happy to see that I have made it back to the 226 pound mark that I was the morning I left for Vegas.  Time to build on that and get it lower!  I worked from home so I got to eat all my meals from the comfort of my house, well with exception of Lunch.  Breakfast was a quick bowl of cereal because for Lunch I went to Brady's school to eat with him.  It was Grandparents day at his school, however they also allow parents, aunts, uncles or just family friends.   I was very excited to be able to eat lunch with him in his cafeteria.

Once I got to the school I headed to his classroom and was able to sit with him for a few minutes before lunch.  They were working on a spelling assignment and I got to see Brady raise his hand to answer a problem.  He nailed it!  Once it was time for lunch we all got in line and headed down to the cafeteria.  Once there we got in line and I got to walk through the little room where you grab your milk and food.  Boy did that bring me back to my Salk days!  After we had our food (chicken sandwich, green beans, fruit) we headed out to look for a table.  Now the seating/tables is one thing that has not changed in the past 30 years.  They were the same tables that convert into bench seats.  However I will say that it was much easier getting in and out of them when I was 7.  I'm pretty sure I looked like a fool trying to get my legs and huge feet out when I was done eating.  After eating we got to go out to the playground, however it was starting to rain and there was some thunder and lighting in the area so they blew the bell and made everyone return to their rooms.  I will say that all of it was fun, but the highlight for me was when Brady's teacher pulled me aside with Brady and told me how great of a kid was!  He said "this is a great little boy.  He's great in class always listening always focused, has great manners, is polite and is always helping others.  He's a great role model for the other kids, a true gentleman".  Now that made my day, heck it made my week and probably month!

After lunch with Brady I returned home for more work.  Dawn headed out to get some shopping done with her new coupons this week and to get some stuff for dinner.  She was making Stuffed Peppers!  I was so excited because I love those and have not had them in a very long time.  Skip ahead to dinner and  after dinner and you would find my plate licked clean!  The Stuffed Peppers were amazing!  I was also forced to finish some of hers.  

After dinner was "bad Bryan" time!  While watching the ASU game, Dawn went and got some ice cream for everyone.  For the fist time in a while I decided to get something.  Hey, its a Friday and I can treat myself every now and then.  I know it was not good for me, but I still did it anyways.

Still no exercise, this time for a few reasons.  The biggest being I'm still not feeling good and keep coughing.  I know I would be a train wreck if I went out running or biking.  The second was, it was raining.  One of these days!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Raisin Bran Cereal
  • Morning Snack:  String Cheese
  • Lunch:  Chicken Patty Sandwich, Green Beans, Fruit with Chocolate Milk (Brady's School)
  • Dinner:  Stuffed Peppers and Corn
  • After Dinner Snack:  Ice Cream
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  226 pounds (down 2 pounds since previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  C-


Day 78

Another day in the books, and it was a good day.  Main reason why it was a good day was because it was opening day for the NFL season.  All I could look forward to all day was getting home to watch the Packers play host to the Saints and boy was it a great game!  Great way to start the season.  I know it has nothing to do with my diet journey, however it was a big part of my day.  

As for my eating and exercise today.  Well my eating was good, but there was no exercise yet again.  For those of you that know me, when I get sick I'm normally out of commission for a while.  Unlike my son, who had the runny nose, etc this week for about 15 hours, I get it for weeks.  I'm used to it as I have been dealing with it all my life therefore is no big deal.  However its starting to drive me nuts and is really holding me back on my journey.  Oh well, what can I really do!

So back to my eating.  As my last post mentioned, I fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up till 3am this morning.  This left me very tried when I was officially awake and getting ready for work.  So I decided to do something that I have not done in a very long time.  I stopped and got coffee!  I was in major need and didn't think twice.  Its amazing how coffee works, as I was wired when I got to work.  It was a nice treat/fix this morning however it wont happen again for a while.  I did good with lunch and my daily snacks, however dinner I was not so good.  Dawn had to take Lily to gymnastics at 6pm, so that meant nothing was being cooked and I was picking dinner up.  You all know what the means, McDonald's.  I picked up the family Chicken Nugget meal and headed home to enjoy it while watching some football.

Again no exercise!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Coffee
  • Morning Snack:  Nuti-Grain Bar
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Afternoon Snack:  String Cheese
  • Dinner:  Chicken Nuggets (5) from McDonald's
  • After Dinner Snack:  Ritz Crackers (few)
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  C+


Day 77: 227 pounds

For those that follow, sorry this is being posted a day behind schedule.  I had started to write this yesterday (just the title), however fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up till 3am.  I got wrapped up in Big Brother, the Rescue Me finale and updating my fantasy football website.  After all that was done/over, I passed out on the couch.  I woke up to a dark living room and it just being me.  I don't mind this because the AC vent above the couch is the best in the house, so I was nice and cool.  The couches are also very comfortable to sleep on!  However Dawn did say this morning that she tried to wake me up, but I don't know how hard she tried.  I normally wake up pretty easy, so I must have been very tired!

As for my day.  Well it was good.  I worked from home, so breakfast came a little bit later than normal.  I have been eating Nuti-Grain bars on my way to work or once I get to the office, however yesterday I decided to mix it up and have a bowl of cereal (Raisin Bran).  Dawn was also working from home, so for lunch we decided to pick up Lily from school and take her to lunch before she returned to the sitters house.  She loved it!  We let her pick and she choose Paradise Bakery (shocker!).  Both Dawn and I got salads and Lily got the Mac-N-Cheese.  I also added a small cup of broccoli & cheese soup and I will say it was awesome! 

After Lily was back at the sitter, it was back home for both of us to work.  Brady had another baseball practice, so I made a quick meal so we could eat before leaving.  It was a chicken & pasta with cheese boxed meal.  It was pretty good and hit the spot.  Practice ran for 2 hours and once we got home I put on some comfy clothes and headed to the couch for my shows.  As I said earlier, this is where I would stay until 3am! 

No exercise yet again.  I'm still not feeling 100% as I keep yacking up flem and my chest is tight.  There is no way I can get out and run like this, it will just do more damage.  I will get back out there at some point, but cant rush it!

Oh yeah, I also dropped one pound since my previous weigh in.  I'm still one pound away from getting back to my lowest weight, however I will still take it.  Not being able to exercise is not helping, however if I can keep my weight under control and lose a pound here and there while I'm out then its a win in my books. 

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Raisin Bran Cereal (yeah, two scoops!)
  • Lunch:  Salad (Grilled Chicken, etc) & Broccoli w/cheese Soup
  • Afternoon Snack:  String Cheese Stick
  • Dinner:  Chicken & Pasta with Broccoli and cheese
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  227 pounds (down 1 pound since previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  B-


Day 76

It was back to work today after what was a long and unhealthy weekend.  As you read from my previous posts, I didn't do that good this past weekend and the result of it was a 2 pound gain.  I returned to my normal schedule today and got back on track with my eating. 

After work I had to get Brady to his first baseball practice for fall ball.  So dinner was a quick meal before practice.  Because of this and still having a little bit of my cold I was not able to get any exercise in.  However I will say that sitting out in the heat and watching Brady run around had me burning calories in my mind.  Aside from all that it was a normal day.  Don't know what to expect tomorrow when I weigh in.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Nuti Gran Bar
  • Morning Snack:  Yogurt Cup
  • Lunch:  Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Afternoon Snack:  String Cheese
  • Dinner:  2 Hot Dogs (Turkey dogs)
  • Exercise:  None
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  B-


Day 75: 228 pounds

Yes that title is correct.  I got on the scale this morning and it was 228, I had gained two pounds since my last weigh in.  However I'm not surprised because I have not been able to exercise and I have not had the best of eating weekends.  Let me recap, Saturday we had a family BBQ with lots of good food.  Sunday I had a fantasy football draft that was supplied with pizza's and drinks.  Today I had another fantasy football draft that was stocked with pizza, wings, chips and lots of drinks (all kinds of drinks).  So that explains the two pound gain.  However I'm pretty sure even eating all that food that had I been able to exercise I would have maintained my same weight and not gained.  Oh well, its in the past and time to move on. 

As for my cold, I'm feeling so much better.  I think I'm still a day or two away for being able to go running or ride my bike, so hopefully by Wednesday I can get back out there.  However starting tomorrow my eating goes back to where it was before this weekend. 

With that said I will call it a day and head to bed!  Wish me luck on my next weigh in day.

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Iced Coffee
  • Lunch:  Pizza & Wings (Football Draft)
  • Dinner:  None, lunch was more a lunch/dinner thing
  • Exercise:  None
  • Weight:  228 (2 pound gain from previous day)
  • Grade:  F


Day 74

Today was draft day for me as I had my primary fantasy football draft this afternoon.  The reason I say that it was my primary draft is because I'm in another live draft league with my brother in law (Brett).  So tomorrow will be draft day #2!  On top of it being a big day for me, I'm still sick and feel like crap.  However it toughed it up and produced what I think is a winning fantasy team.  I will do the same tomorrow.

If you have ever done a fantasy football league, you would know that draft days are a big deal.  Lots of good food, drinks and snacks.  I'm not going to go into detail, but I didn't not eat that good at the draft.  Come on, its only one day a year, well wait its two days a year now (I have another one tomorrow).  I think I'm just marking last weekend (Vegas) and this weekend (Draft/Sick/Holiday Weekend) as my vacation from my diet.  I promise I will be back on track once I'm feeling 100% and can get out and really exercise.  Don't worry I'm not letting myself go to waste and racking up my weight again because that's not the case.  I'm just not paying as close attention to it.  

So again I promise and will vow to be back on my diet/exercise journey once this weekend and my sickness are behind me.  Next weigh in day is tomorrow, lets hope its not bad!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Beagle Sandwich (from Einsteins = yummy)
  • Lunch:  Pizza, pizza and more pizza
  • Dinner:  Chicken Dumplings & Pasta (Dawn cooked via crock pot = yummy)
  • Exercise:  none
  • Weight:  n/a
  • Grade:  F


Day 73: 226 pounds

Today was good yet it stunk!  The good was I weighed in and I was back to 226, the weight I was at before leaving for Vegas.  The other good thing was we went to a family BBQ/pool party.  Family BBQ's are always a good time.  There are great conversations, great food and of course some good swimming!  Now for the bad part, well I'm full on stick.  My head is pounding, nose plugged solid, itchy eyes and the worst part, a congested chest.  I hate feeling this way, but I find a way to suck it up and get through it.  Hopefully it wont last much longer, because its a 3 day weekend and I have 2 fantasy football drafts on the bill.  However sick or not I will be there making my picks. 

As for my eating today.  Well breakfast was a simple fiber one bar.  After we ate breakfast we cleaned the house and then moved into lunch time.  Lunch was a quick meal as we knew we would be eating at the  BBQ.  We made cheese crisps for everyone and it held us all over.  The BBQ was at 3pm and upon us walking in I quickly saw all the food covering the counter.  I figured I would enjoy myself, but stay away from the beer.  Few reasons behind that decision.  One was if I avoided the beers I could have a few extra things of food.  The other was I didn't really want to taste or smell beer after my previous weekend in Vegas.  So it was a win win for me. 

We got home late and the kids were all sleeping.  Dawn and I retired to the couch for the night and watched some movies.  It also allowed me to get in some last minute fantasy football planning. 

Wish me luck in my drafts!

Daily Recap:
  • Breakfast:  Fiber One Bar
  • Lunch:  Cheese Crisp
  • Dinner:  BBQ (I picked here and there on everything)
  • Exercise:  nope, sick
  • Weight:  226 pounds (down 2 pounds from previous weigh in)
  • Grade:  C-