Thursday, August 16th 2012

So I think my theory on why I was up two pounds yesterday was correct, or at least thats what I'm telling myself.  I was down two pounds from yesterday!  I felt great this morning and that carried over into today.  I did take tonight off from running and exercise due to not feeling good.  I had one of the worse headache's I have had in a long time.  I blame that on the heat!  On top of that my stomach was rolling and turning every few minutes.  So I figured it was a good idea to take a day off.  Back at it tomorrow!

233 lbs.


Wednesday, August 15th 2012

I'm not really sure how I gained 2 pounds since yesterday.  I ate decent and did a good 45 minutes of exercise.  If I had to take a guess it might be a result of all the water I drank during my exercising.  I didn't start the exercising till about 9pm and drank a ton of water, so its possible that I still had a ton of extra water in my system this morning.  I'm not worried about it because I feel like I had a good day.  If it keeps going up then I will start to worry.  As for today, I was good again.  I ate good and got a good 45 minutes of exercise in.  

235 lbs.


Tuesday, August 14th 2012

Another good day today!  I was down one pound from yesterday.  I could have ate better than I did, however I did get out and go running.  I also did all my upper body and core exercises.  So in my eyes today was a huge win!  

233 lbs.


Monday, August 13th 2012

Im back, well at least I hope I am and that I can keep up on this.  I have decided to try a different format.  I think I'm just going to list my weight in some crazy large font and go from there.  After all the weight is the most important thing!  However for this post (since its been a while) I will give a quick run down on how things have been.  Back on July 16th I weighed myself and I was at 239.5 pounds.  This set me over the top and put me back into full diet mode!  I was on a roll and had got down to 234 pounds on the day I left to go back east.  Now I knew being on vacation I would probably come home 10 pounds heavier and based on what I ate I'm shocked that I didn't.  When I got home and got on the scale the next morning I was at 235 pounds.  I don't know if the scale was wrong or if I was seeing things, however I was taking it!  I really wanted to jump back into things full force the next day, however I just didn't have the energy and power since being home.  So I took the rest of the week to get back on Arizona time and adjust to being home.  So that beings me into today, Monday August 14th.  I'm focused, ready to eat good again, exercise daily and most important drop the weight! 

234 lbs.