Day 354

Booyah, another great day for me today!  I think its important for me to post something on a daily basis just because it helps keep me focused.  However I don't want to just write the same thing over and over each day.  So if it's a pretty normal day and I really don't have much to say then I will just keep it short and to the point.  This was the case today.  I did great and stayed focused all day.

My menu today was wheat toast, protein shakes, salad (homemade), grapes, spaghetti and carrots.  Yummy!

So today WAS good day and tomorrow WILL be a good day as well!!

Till tomorrow....


  1. I've been looking at Breaking 200 for months now wondering... I'm glad you're back!! (Marie)

  2. Ya gotta love those good days! Keep it up :)