Day 353: 235.5 pounds

I ended my post from yesterday by saying that today was going to be a good day.  So from the minute I work up I knew I had to be strong and that things were going to be different from what I was starting to get used to over the past few months.  The first thing I said after rolling out of bed was "you can do this Bryan, you have done it before and can do it again.  Its going to suck, but you can do it".  This little pep talk worked well and helped me get through the day. 

I was faced with a few challenges, but didn't let any of them get to me.  We have a pantry stocked with just about everything and as much as I wanted to have a few cookies or a handful of chips, I didn't.  I will say that the hardest part was not getting my coffee this morning.  I decided that I need to cut back a bit on the amount of coffee I drink.  So today I went without it and boy did I pay for it.  My head was pounding! 

My eating today was AWESOME!  Wheat toast, protein shakes, salad for both lunch and dinner was my menu today.  The only snack I had was two graham crackers after dinner.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Oh yeah, my weight this morning was at 235.5 pounds.  Yesterday it was showing 237 pounds and I pigged out big time, so I'm not sure exactly how it was a pound and half less today.  Either way I will take it.

So today WAS good day and tomorrow WILL be a good day as well!!

Till tomorrow....

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